YES! I’m 58: The Secret to My Success and How You Can Do It Too

In Yes! I’m 58! Sandra Alvim proves it’s never too late to reinvent yourself. In a step-by-step guide for women of every age, she demonstrates how to achieve spiritual awakening and physical renewal while navigating the aging process with grace and wit. It’s a potent mix of up-to-the-minute health, fitness and beauty advice, spirituality and astrology filtered through the unique common sense perspective of her native Brazilian upbringing and culture. Why believe Sandra Alvim? Just look at her! The body any woman would kill for. The face of a woman decades younger. A successful second career, a loving long-term relationship with a man fifteen years her junior, and the sincere calm of someone who has found true inner peace. She wrote the book in response to friends and admirers who continually pestered her for the secret to her remarkably youthful, fit appearance. “If I can do it, you can do it” is her mantra and she proves it using her own physical, spiritual and emotional transformation at age fifty. Her goal was to create the book she herself wished she’d had as she traversed her first five decades, to help other women find their way to a happier life through a healthy body, a healthy mind, a healthy spirit and a satisfying relationship. In it she candidly shares the story of her life and the secrets of her success, with photographs by Fernando Milani, her partner of twenty years and a well-known New York City beauty photographer. And what a compelling story she tells. A single mother who took the daring leap to a new city on a new continent, leaving family and a thriving fashion business back in Rio. The rise and eventual collapse of a New York City boutique. The disappointment of a series of failed relationships. The discovery of a true calling in astrology that led to a satisfying career. The emotional wreakage inflicted by early menopause. And the dramatic physical, spiritual and emotional transformation that brought her to the woman she is today.

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