Natal Chart reading:

“The Natal chart is a symbolic representation of the cosmic influences that shape our personality and life path. However, it is important to remember that we are beings endowed with free will, capable of transcending and transforming any unfavorable planetary influence. The true power lies in our ability to awaken spiritual consciousness and manifest our divine potential, regardless of astrological circumstances.”

In the reading of the Natal chart, I bring to the consciousness of my clients the important characteristics of their personality and how to improve the negative points and accentuate the positive ones.

In the reading of the Natal chart, I analyze the sun and ascendant signs, as well as the aspects with other celestial bodies and planets, to define their personality, as well as the signs occupied by all the planets and some important asteroids and their mutual aspects.

I bring to consciousness how you emotionally react to everyday situations, your level of sensitivity, and how to better deal with your emotions and reactions and redirect them to the positive side through the moon sign and its aspects with the planets and other celestial bodies.

I clarify your relationship with your parents, and through this observation, we can help you understand, forgive, and love them, avoiding conflicts and often even the separation from those who unconditionally love you and gave your life.

I help improve relationships by pointing out behavior patterns that hinder your relationships and how to improve them, and identify the type of partner compatible with you.

I clarify your intellectual capabilities and how your mind functions for learning and communication.

I point out your talents and your mission through your career in this life. Your professional options and which ones would help you in your evolution, starting from the principle that we are here to develop and share with the world a talent or some talents that only you know how to do, with originality and in your unique way.

And through the lunar nodes, I explore what baggage you bring from past lives in terms of behaviors and choices that no longer contribute to your current evolution, and how to reach your maximum personal improvement because, after all, that is why we are here: to perfect ourselves as human beings and fulfill our soul’s mission. I have written an e-book on this subject, the lunar nodes, and I have a program for you to follow that will help you find your spiritual purpose.

Transits, progressions, and solar return. (for one year)

In this analysis, I bring to your consciousness the challenging aspects and opportunities so that you know the right moments to act and use your full potential, as well as the moments to step back. Through the transits of Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus, I point out what you need to learn, awaken, and accept to avoid disruptions. The transits of these planets serve as alarms to help us learn our life lessons and bring about significant transformations, accepting challenges that cannot be avoided and finding ways to overcome them without suffering.

In progressions, I analyze the development and evolution of the personality over time. I point out trends and events that may occur during certain phases of life. I observe how progressing planets activate certain areas of the natal chart, indicating the potential for changes, challenges, opportunities, or events.

Solar return is another technique used to calculate the exact moment when the Sun returns to the same position it was in at the time of your birth. The solar return changes depending on the location where you will spend your birthday. It is considered an additional tool to assist in the interpretation and analysis of your new year, which extends from your birthday in the current year to the same day in the following year.

Comparative chart; synastry.

When two people come together, in addition to physical and intellectual attraction, there is a soul attraction that goes beyond our understanding but indicates that the person will be an active part of our evolution. According to the spiritualist, writer, energy healer, and speaker Caroline Myss, who became famous for her concept of the “sacred contract” that speaks of the spiritual agreements we make before we are born with all the people who come into our lives, when we decide to unite with another person, we are making a spiritual contract that can last for months, days, one night, or a lifetime.

In the comparative chart, I point out the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship, which, when brought to the consciousness of the couple, can be improved and enhanced, helping the relationship reach its highest evolutionary goals and experience a long and happy life.

Child Natal Chart

The Child Natal Chart brings great advantages for parents as it provides insights into the child’s personality, talents, challenges, and emotional needs.

By better understanding their personality, parents can help their child develop their strengths and cope with difficulties more effectively. The natal chart reveals areas of interest, abilities, as well as the specific emotional needs of the child. This can help parents create a safe environment where the child feels secure and protected.

It is important to emphasize that the child’s natal chart should not be used as a tool for limitation or determinism. Each child is unique and has free will to shape their own life. The natal chart is merely a guide that offers insights into their tendencies and predispositions but does not define their destiny.

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