Lunar Nodes

The two most important days of your life are:
“The day you are born and the day you find out why,” Mark Twain.

We are all here to fulfill a mission, and to fulfill that mission, we need to be aware of our existence and seek answers to “why am I here?”
The Lunar Nodes provide answers to various questions we all have and show the path we came to follow.

When you have this awareness and start working on this path of evolution, you change your life for the better.
Why? This awareness will put you in the right place, doing what you came here to do. When you activate this knowledge and use it to your advantage, you will realize that you no longer have anxiety.

Anxiety prevents you from making the right choices, pushes away everything you desire the most, clouds your judgment, and undermines your joy of living. Your anxiety also makes your children anxious, hinders your relationships, and causes jealousy out of fear of losing the ones you love. When you learn to live without anxiety, every aspect of your life improves. And who wouldn’t want to live with someone without anxiety?

By understanding your children through their Lunar Nodes, you will be able to raise them without guilt because you know that you are bringing your authenticity to the surface, not the characteristics that society forces children to follow. You will be able to help your son and/or daughter become empowered and successful individuals because they will pursue a profession that is compatible with their Lunar Nodes, in other words, with the desires of their souls, and they will have healthy relationships.

Furthermore, you will help the people who are close to you because when we evolve, we bring a lot of people along.

What will you gain by studying your Lunar Nodes and applying them to your life? You will rediscover your true essence because often we lose sight of our goals and don’t know which path to follow.

In this body you inhabit, learning the lessons you came to learn and evolving in the necessary way, this opportunity will only come once. So when you hear someone say, “You only live once,” it’s true, you will only have this chance once. Other lives will come, but they will be different, with distinct lessons. You wouldn’t want to repeat the same mistakes, right?

Seize this life to know yourself better, discover your mission, and follow the path that will bring fulfillment and personal growth. Studying and understanding your Lunar Nodes is a valuable tool in this journey. Don’t waste the opportunity to live fully and make the most of every experience life offers you. Be authentic, follow your purpose, and create a meaningful life for yourself. My method will help you know and accept the villain and the hero within you.

My method, or rather, the step-by-step process I use, is simpler than you imagine. It brings to consciousness what you already know but was “shielded” in your subconscious.

My method is practical and direct, without beating around the bush, so that you can harness the great power that comes from discovering your spiritual purpose.

It consists of three steps:

First: Gain knowledge of the habits, behaviors, and tendencies that may be hindering you from achieving your goals. This involves the sign of the South Node, which represents the villain or the dragon’s tail.

Segundo: Mostrar as tendências, comportamentos, direções, atitudes e mudanças que você encontra no signo do nodo norte, que representa o herói ou a cabeça do dragão.

Third: Make the villain (South Node) unite its forces with the hero (North Node). After all, the villain is your past, your talents that have already been used and learn, but no longer need to be your present.

With this method, you will be able to free yourself from the limitations of the past and fully utilize your potential to achieve your spiritual goals. You will be in control of your journey and be able to create a meaningful life aligned with your true essence.

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