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Mars the planet of initiation just entered the sign of Aries on the 19th ! Yessss! The energy will rise, will chill out and our determination is back and in full speed. No more procrastination, now we have what is takes to go for, to win, to make it happen and take off on a new project we have been thinking about but did not have the enthusiasm to go on. For how long have you been thinking about staring to lose those extra pounds? Stop procrastinating NOW!

We keep postponing tasks until we’re so annoyed and indifferent to them we just give up. Procrastination has been the downfall of many quests for success, achievement, happiness and fulfillment. It’s very easy to get trapped by distractions and avoid the real responsibilities. Procrastination is like practicing for death. Why? Life is waiting to be lived but part of you doesn’t seem to want to live that life.
For how long have you been thinking about starting a diet and starting to exercise?

Healthy food and the right attitude are the optimal fuel for a perfect body.
Before starting a diet, think first: what is the purpose? Why do I want to change my body or my life or my butt? Because it feels great to look beautiful? Because I’m tired of this sedentary life? Because I want to look better for my husband? Wherever your answer is and without judging yourself, just engage and keep your purpose in mind all the time. Write your purpose and place it somewhere you can see it to keep you motivated to reach your goal.
The best day to start a new diet is at the day of a new moon. The energy of the new moon helps you establish new habits and maintain them.
The new moon was on the 18th but we still have 4 days after to take advantage of the vibe of the new moon!

“When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no “I’ll start tomorrow”. Tomorrow is a disease”. ~V.L.