Today, the 20th is a very important and powerful day!

2723336687_3e25e9c311WOW! A New Moon and Eclipse! Whatever you finish today or if you take a new path in your life, it will have a long term implication on your individual and collective transformational development. Today the also Sun enters the sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac; it is the Equinox and the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, as well.
Read more on how to get the best evolution from this powerful day by your sun sign.

For Aries

WOW!!!! This is the best you can get dear Aries! The Eclipse is not exactly in your sign, but one hour after the Eclipse, the Sun moves into Aries so you can consider the Eclipse to be in Aries.

If your birthday is on March 20th, 21st, 22nd or 23rd, this year will be an unforgettable year for you! Your life may undergo a major change. This change could be related to a relocation, a new job, a new career or… you can even become a millionaire! Play the lotto today!

For Taurus

This is an amazing Eclipse for you dear Taurus, it’s your time of the year to ask the universe for what you want to attract into your life; for what you want to receive from the universe. Make your wish board, and place pictures and phrases about everything you would like to see happen.

For Gemini

This Eclipse is in your area of career, so expect for a new beginning, and if you have any new ideas brewing, you may have an opportunity of finding the right people to help you on this project, dear Gemini.

It’s an excellent time to start something new. All you have to do is settle on the objective you want to reach, without losing your focus and use your acquaintances to help you make this project become a reality.

For Cancer

This Eclipse will be in the area of international matters and higher mind, giving you an opportunity to experience your life in a different way; or you may have to go on a long trip or even relocate.

One hour after the Eclipse, the Sun and the moon will enter your area of career. You may have to do a project in a foreign country, or maybe you’ll have more business related to international issues like import and export or you will need to travel for business

This is an amazing energy for your career dear Cancer. You could start something new and very profitable.

For Leo

I see only good vibes during this Eclipse for you in the area of your intimate sector, and the area of other people’s money, such as taxes, credit cards, money you share with a corporation or with your spouse. This Eclipse can open up many possibilities in relation to these matters, from liberating sexual fantasies to forming a partnership with someone who is interested in investing money in your ideas.

For Virgo

When there’s an Eclipse in your sector of committed relationships, it’s obvious that you should be open for a new love. But if you are married or happily attached, then the Eclipse can only bring the best out of this relationship and take it to a much better place.

If someone approaches you to forge a partnership I would consider the idea and think about it. Under an Eclipse like that, anything that comes your way can only be favorable.

Right after the Eclipse the Sun and the moon enters the area of intimacy, so this relationship could grow quickly, and to a very intense and passionate degree. Think 50 Shades of Gray, my dear!

For Libra

WOW! This Eclipse can determine a new cycle or a new project that is taking place in your daily life.

You may change your office location, or you maybe quit your job and then find a new one, or you could take a new direction in your career, but whatever happens will stay in your life for a long time and could be very successful and fortunate for your career, alright dear Libra?

For Scorpio

This is an important day for you, in many ways.

In the love department you can start a new relationship, you can find your soul mate, the love of your life. But your ruler planet Pluto is creating some stress and setting up hard circumstances for you, and it can affect your health too, because you will be so overwhelmed, what with so much going on. On the same day, one hour after the Eclipse, the Sun and moon enter your area of health and you need a lot of rest and meditation to keep yourself balanced and away from stress, dear Scorpio.

Something new can start today for you. This is not a good time to become pregnant; avoid trying to impregnate on the days following the Eclipse (in fact, avoid doing so seven days before and seven days after the eclipse).

For Sagittarius

This Eclipse is in your area of family, so you should be starting something new like a new family or buying a new house, relocating or moving in together with your lover. Also, one hour after the Eclipse, the Sun and the Moon enter the sign of Aries in your sector of love, creativity, fame and children as well.

It’s a fun time now, dear Sagittarius, your love life will blossom, your creativity will expand, you feel invigorated and you want to be surrounded by children and happy people.

If you are single you could start a new relationship, or if you’re in a casual relationship, you will become more attached to each other. It’s a good time to awaken your inner child and enjoy the best things in life!

For Capricorn

This Eclipse starts in your area of family, and again it is a time to take care of issues related to your family. Some of you may start a new family on your own or relocate.

One hour after the Eclipse, the Sun and the Moon move into your area of love, children and creativity.

How wonderful dear Capricorn, especially if you are single… this is FUN time! For one month the Sun will bring ‘wonderful people’ into your life.

For Aquarius

This Eclipse new moon starts in your area of finances, your earned money and then one hour later moves into the area of communication, travel and education.

But before the Sun and Moon move to this area, it will leave a ‘start up’ sort of opportunity to double or triple your income, either because of a new job, or even a new idea that will mature in the following days.

For Pisces

This Eclipse is in your sign my dear and if you were born on March 17th, 18th, 19th or on the 20th, you will be beautifully affected by this Eclipse.  This influence will be in the area of personality and finances too. You could start a new job, you could get a promotion, a raise or find a second source of income because one hour after this Eclipse new moon, the Sun and Moon enters the area of money. Uranus is already there and you will be surprised with the potential of this transit.

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