Time for a fresh start!

During the new moon of Gemini on May 28th we will experience the luckiest energy from heaven to initiate something new in our lives.

It’s a day when you should make a wish board and start to give form to your dreams. Everything in our universe, from acquiring a chair to a life accomplishment starts with a thought, the next step is to materialize the thought on a piece of paper.

This is the perfect day to start a new diet, to move to a new location, to make a commitment if you are in a casual relationship, to change your habits, to get rid of emotional behaviors that take you to the opposite direction of your growing process (find out your life direction by reading your Destiny Report at  English http://bit.ly/1k0HrYH OR  Portuguese http://bit.ly/1wla7zu

Forgive someone, give, love and spread love to all.

On this same day, the goddess of love and beauty Venus strengthens her positive emanations when entering the sign of Taurus, the sign ruled by Venus herself, (lucky Taurus).  On the day after, the 29th, Mercury enters Cancer.

So this is an amazing combination of energies, which focus on the area of personal relationships.  It’s a good time to review all aspects of your relationships. This smooth combination will bring love, peace and joy to all of us.