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My Services

  I am available for consultations by telephone, (Face Time) or Skype and in person if you live in New York City. I travel twice a year to Brazil .
As a subscriber, you will be informed of my calendar. I record your document, and send it via e-mail, an MP3 file, and you can easily download it to your computer and listen.
Optionally, you can have a CD recorded and sent to you.

Here are your options:

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    Natal Chart Reading

    This unique personality profile is designed based on the day, month, year, exact time (very important) and place of birth.
    A Natal Chart reading reveals, among other things,  family matrix,  direction in career and a display of your talents, relationship possibilities, career orientation, health, financial profile, your challenges and the growth and transformation of your soul. Using your Natal Chart as a guide, you can learn about yourself in a way you never thought possible.
    My analysis of the natal chart has a unique feature. I identify what your soul came here to learn and what it needs to change in order to get the best evolution in this lifetime.
    We all have a starting point at the beginning of each incarnation based on what happened before, which we call ‘Karma.”  We also have an agenda of what we explore in our experience in this lifetime.
    My approach to astrology takes its starting point as an important tool to understand the purpose of your soul.
    The value of the birth chart is: $ 800.00
    You can also buy your Karmic Report based on your birth date to begin the journey to discovering yourself . Value: $ 7.40
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    Medical Astrology

    Your astrological chart describes your unique constitutional composition.
    From this, I can identify some probable health problems, and I can offer advice on what you can do to restore and maintain your well-being and ideal weight.
    Astrology has been used for medicinal purposes since the time of the medical priests Chaldeans, 2000-1000 BC, and was used by those who founded and inspired our modern medicine today.
    Hippocrates (460-377 BC) is considered the father of modern medicine. He is known to have said that a physician without astrological knowledge is better “to be called a fool than medical.”
    Nicholas Culpepper, the famous botany herbalist that laid the foundation for herbal medicine, said treatments without the use of astrology are like “lamps without oil.”
    My fee for a medical astrological reading is: $ 400.00
    It is advisable to read the combined birth chart to add more insight to your  overall map. To read both the birth chart and the personalized medical astrology reading, my fee is: $1,000.00
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    Forecast (Transits, Progressions and Solar Returns)

    This consultation covers annual forecasts, month by month. You will be informed of the planetary cycles favorable to better plan annual events and activities, for example, what the best time is for opening a new business, the right time to look for a job or get out of one, the most optimal time to buy property, get married and all other important events you have in mind.

    A forecast reading, also focuses on awareness and how to psychologically deal with challengers and life changes.

    We are the creators of our lives. Events do not happen to us. We attract what is in sync with our inner world. We make choices and those choices will determine the coming events. It is the law of cause and effect! The forecast (transits, progressions and solar return) show how the events will take place, and a change in behavior sometimes can minimize or even eliminate these effects, when negative.

    My fee for an annual forecast* is: $ 300.00
    *This feature only applies to those who have already done a reading of the Natal chart with me.

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    Relationship reading; the combination between two people

    This technique explores the internal dynamics of relationships.
    It explores the complex interaction, mental, emotional and physical activity between two people. By comparing the planets, signs and aspects between two Natal Charts, the potential, strengths and liabilities are revealed.

    The combination of the two natal charts create a new single map, and this third map shows how well you relate to someone else and which areas need to be addressed. It is an excellent tool for siblings and business partners as well.
    Understanding the ‘sensitive’ side of the relationship can help both sides to redirect that energy.
    My fee for a compatibility reading is: $800.00

What my clients are saying about me

“Hi Sandra!
I just heard my natal chart and – WOW! I have no idea how you did it, but you nailed it.
It explains MUCH, AND SO MUCH that surprised me.”
 – Chelsea C

YOU ARE AMAZING!!! So insightful, full, generous and spiritual …the reading is still ringing in me and I cannot forget all
the connections, it is almost mystical.”
 – Andrea Blanch, founder and editor in chief of the magazine Musée

Six years ago you helped me in such an amazing way – you saved me from an unnecessary operation
which I was advised based on erroneous laboratory results. Your help was enormous.”
 – Alfred Yomtov

“I was ignorant about food and nutrition, was out of control until we worked together. I LOVE your shake recipe!
I’m so happy, I find myself singing in the shower and feeling so alive, it is an amazing thing! THANKS!!!!”
  – Megan

“Your book is everything a woman needs to know to live well and age gracefully. This is a book you want to share with
your mother, sister and friends. Filled with humor, wisdom and intelligent advice.”
  – Eva Longoria
  (actress from the show Desperate Housewives)

“Sandra you helped me end a 40 year addiction to soft drinks. Just replacing soda with water and juices and
I lost 8 kilos in six weeks! You helped me understand why I was yearning for so much sugar… at that time
my relationship was a mess… You really helped me with my self-esteem issues, I’m happy to say that
I really straightened out, I feel great, and I found the man who I always dreamed about.
Thank you Sandra for their dedication and wise counsel. ”
  – Jennifer Kats

You taught me to cook my own food, to change my eating habits and I can not thank you enough for
the energy I have now, that encouraged me to go to the gym, getting in shape and be sexy again at 54 !!!!
I just prepared a small dinner for my family, it was a success, thank you, I feel great! ”
  – Maria Barbosa



Email Sandra and contact her for more information and steps to take on the services you’ve chosen.

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