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“Healthy is the new skinny”program
My six month holistic health counseling program has a total of 12 consultations, twice a month. What do all of us want?  We want optimal health, lots of energy and a fit and strong body. We also want to have joy and age gracefully.I’ve created a unique coaching method that combines my background in medical astrology and health education.
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    Individual Bio Method

    Instead of following a set of predetermined rules, I use the individual bio method; a more personalized analysis, helping you with weight management and creating a diet that will prevent ailments. I will shed light on problems you might develop in your health.  I will prepare a diet keeping in mind the nutrients you need in order to reverse any health predisposition and maintain your ideal weight. What we eat significantly affects our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Food has energy and each individual needs a different kind of energy to create balance in a unique and individual way.
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    Holistic Health Counseling

    I will teach you to have a healthy lifestyle, not another miracle diet that claims you’ll shed 10 pounds in 24 hours. On my health-counseling program, I work with you in every aspect of your life; the areas of relationships, career, family, spirituality, personal and nutrition. Together, you and I will go over issues that may be preventing you from losing weight, or driving you to crave such and such foods. I will help you to change your ‘bad habits’ related to nutrition and teach you how to eat real nutritional foods.
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    Specialized Diets

    We all know the saying, “we are what we eat,” but who knows exactly what to eat? Should we drink red wine, or eat more grapes? But don’t grapes have sugar; won’t that make us gain weight? I will recommend a specific diet for your physical needs and prepare menus based on different lifestyles; factoring in that many have almost no time to cook, and or little time to work out.
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    Food Shopping

    Throughout this six months program, I will shop with you at a health food supermarket (this service only applies to those who live in New York City) and show you the best healthy products to buy, teaching you about the best and the latest natural health nutrients from the best doctors and nutritionists around the world. Besides all this, I will give you a menu and recipes, and teach you to prepare your own food. I assert: The more I understand and observe human behavior through astrology the more convinced I become that the key to health is understanding each person’s individual needs. We are too unique to eat the same exact foods.
CONSULTATIONS: I am available for phone, face time or Skype consultations and in-person consultations in New York City or in Brazil where I travel twice a year. As a subscriber you will be informed about my schedule. I’ll be thrilled to work with you and help you to raise your life to a much, much better place!




My Sixth Month Program

The fee for the six months program is $200.00 dollars for each consultation (twice a month).  Email Sandra to book your appointment or learn more.

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