Today the 18th is the luckiest day in 2014

happydayThe 18th is the luckiest day in 2014

The two planets of luck, abundance and progress, Venus and Jupiter, will meet in the skies at 07º Leo, on  August 18th sending us an amazing frequency and incredible vibrations down to earth.

We all get lucky on the 18th, but each one of us will get ‘this gift’ in a specific area of our lives.

Find out in your natal chart where this blissful energy will rise.

If today is your birthday, expect for a year of progress, abundance and much luck, in love and money. Your Sun in Leo is joining Venus and Jupiter in Leo as well; this is an out of this world energy, dear Leo. Happy Birthday!

If you were born on the 29th, 30th or 31st July you have a MEGA LUCKY DAY my dear, you may win the lotto or get the BIGGEST opportunity of your life.

If you wed today, your  marriage will be full of joy and contentment.

If you have a child today, he or she will have an easy and lucky life.

Schedule something important on the 18th and you are protected and more likely to get what you want.

And play the lotto!

If in your 1st house: ( if you are Leo or have the rising in Leo or have 7º Leo in your ascendant)

Today will be the best day to improve your life in many ways; people will be drawn to you, and you exude so much charm, charisma, beauty, and grace; you can have whatever you wish.

Plan something important today; you will see the best results.

If you are single, circulate today, or plan a date with someone charming such as yourself, and you can begin a new relationship. You can reunite with a former boyfriend or girlfriend if there’s still love.

But be careful because you can be very indulgent today; you can drink too much or even overdo something.

If in your 2nd house: ( if you are Cancer or have the rising in Cancer or have 7º Leo in your ascendant)

OH YES! Are you looking for a lucky day to present a job proposal, ask for a raise or promotion or to sign a contract with a partner? This is the day dear; luck and money are pairing together today.

You also feel very confident and your self esteem is high.

If in your 3rd house: ( if you are Gemini or have the rising in Gemini or have 7º Leo in your ascendant)

This is an amazing day for an interview, for a weekend getaway or to settle an issue you might have with a sibling.

This is also a perfect day to sign a contract and you may receive an unexpected proposition relating to a business project which could make a difference in your world.

You have lots of inspirations and ideas today and you also have the power to make anything happen.

If in your 4th house: ( if you are Taurus or have the rising in Taurus or have 7º Leo in your ascendant)

This is going to be a very special day for you, when sassy Venus and Jupiter will be combining energies enhancing your charm and offering multiple possibilities for love.

This should be a wonderful day to enjoy with family, or to buy or sell a property. You may receive an amazing gift from your family or most probably, from your parents.

If in your 5th house: ( if you are Aries or have the rising in Aries or have 7º Leo in your ascendant)

This is an awesome day for you for love, romance, and all the fun things life can offer. Also a great day to invest and make plans for a baby.

If you are in performing arts, today you can have a great push to become well-known or even famous.

If in your 6th house: ( if you are Pisces or have the rising in Pisces or have 7º Leo in your ascendant)

This is such an amazing day for work projects. You may meet someone VIP or a potential client who is willing to help you with your ideas and creativity.

This is an excellent time to associate with people who can share their ideas with you.

If you have any health problems, today you may meet with the right doctor or come across the right treatment.

If in your 7th house: ( if you are Aquarius or have the rising in Aquarius or have 7º Leo in your ascendant)

This is your lucky day for love, with this meet up of Venus and Jupiter; the most lucky celestial bodies in your area of relationship, you definitely will either find the love of your life, make the most profitable partnership or you become serious about a relationship. Good day for your wedding or to sign a contract with a business partner.

If in your 8th house: ( if you are Capricorn or have the rising in Capricorn or have 7º Leo in your ascendant)

This is a great day to plan a special date if you are single or to plan a romantic night out with your lover.

This is also a great day for dealing with bank mortgage loans, fiscal issues and/or shared money.

If in your 9th house: ( if you are Sagittarius or have the rising in Sagittarius or have 7º Leo in your ascendant)

This is an awesome energy for international matters, for dealing with immigration, for publishing a book, for finding a publisher, for passing a test, for returning to school and most of all, for going on a delightful trip!

If you are not on a trip then plan a trip today.

If in your 10th house: ( if you are Scorpio or have the rising in Scorpio or have 7º Leo in your ascendant)

You will be thrilled with the amazing opportunities this meet up with these two planets will bring to your life. You will be under the spotlight; you are the chosen child of the universe.

Use this day to your advantage; schedule an important meeting, create a business project, write a screenplay, send your résumé to the company you wish to work for… whatever you attempt to do today you will be successful.

If in your 11th house: ( if you are Libra or have the rising in Libra or have 7º Leo in your ascendant)

This is a deliriously happy day for you. Venus and the king of luck are teaming up to make you the happiest person on the planet.

Expect an amazing invitation to a party or a social event, you will be the most popular guest at the party.

You may accomplish something you have been waiting a long time for; a so desired dream or wish may finally come true.

A friend can help you to accomplish a dream.

If in your 12th house: ( if you are Virgo or have the rising in Virgo or have 7º Leo in your ascendant)

This is a perfect day to get away to a private or secluded place and tell your wishes to the universe, you have the best spiritual and angelical support from heavens and your wishes, should come true if you have faith and you believe.

You may hear some great news on a financial matter.