Miracles can happen in September

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 9.47.38 PMSeptember is a month for hope and making dreams come true. The power is in your heart.

When you begin the month with a positive, joyful, loving and peaceful outlook, you maximize the opportunities that come your way and open the doors to a manifestation of your dreams.

Jupiter and Uranus will blend their energies beautifully in September, creating unlimited abundance; miracles can happen.

We have to believe and understand that everything that takes place in our lives happens as a result of our own consciousness. Your life is a mirror of your internal reality.


September horoscopes for Aries

As an Aries, you are usually very independent, but in September you will be willing to work in cooperation or association with others.

This is the perfect month for a  partnership and or to find LOVE.

An exciting trip is in store for you this month.

Your love life may shift, and if you are open to new relationships, you have a strong chance to find a special someone. Love is in the air dear Aries!

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September horoscopes for Taurus

You feel alive and in the mood for fun dear Taurus, but you’re also busy, busy as a bee.

A new job, improvements in your work area, luck and passion in love are some of the trends to expect in September.

You are very playful and this is the best time to go on a vacation with the love of your life, to play with your child and to liberate your inner child and have fun.

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September horoscopes for Gemini

This is the best month of the year to find a new love dear Gemini. You have been very dedicated to your family, and you might be taking a vacation with your dearest ones or enjoying the company of your relatives in September, but the focus is also on your love life!

Career is on top, though, as you are accomplishing something very important.

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September horoscopes for Cancer

Enjoy the light side of life before the 13th dear Cancer because work will speed up after that.

You will be so busy and working so hard on a new project or at a new job, you won’t believe it!

Expect for a sudden work proposition or opportunity, which can change your life and your finances for the better.

You might be thinking about moving to a new location at this month or forming your own family.

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September horoscopes for Leo

Be ready to go on an adventurous trip this month dear Leo.

Your love life will speed up! You want to rush on a commitment dear Leo or if you are single you will have lots of chances to change status.

You will be able to express your most creative talents.

Money wise, you have luck and opportunities to build an empire if you want.

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September horoscopes for Virgo

You are going to project charm, and people will be more attracted to you.

A double happy birthday to you, the Sun and Venus will be together in your sign!

You will be mostly obsessed with money, and you can improve on your finances significantly, because we attract what our attention focuses on.

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September horoscopes for Libra

This is an excellent time for expressing your points of view to others. Your mind will be witty, clear and agile.

You are going to be very social and connect with a lot of people this month.

The real fun starts at the end of the month dear Libra, when your love life sparkles and you feel confident and sensual.

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September horoscopes for Scorpio

In September you are going to be able to transform your ideas and creativity into practical ways to bring in money, dear Scorpio.

This is a time to socialize and to make friends.

You may be involved with groups, and working with a team is better than working alone.

Expect for surprises in your career! Especially if your rising is in Scorpio.

You may find your soul mate this month.

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September horoscopes for Sagittarius

This could be the best time of the year for career improvements and fun.

You are now ready to make you biggest impression to the world dear Sagittarius.

You could be traveling for fun and business.

You are super sexy and attractive this month and until the end of October your energy is out of this world. You are a winner!

This is a month of much fun my dear, enjoy the month of September!

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September horoscopes for Capricorn

With the Sun and Venus in your area of travel and other countries, I bet you will be scheduling a delightful trip this month dear Capricorn. If travel is not in your plans, you may be traveling in spirit because your mind will be eager to expand in every way. Some of you may want to learn a special subject matter, some publish a book, while others might just want to learn about other cultures and civilizations.

By the end of the month your attention goes to your career.

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September horoscopes for Aquarius

It’s party time my dear Aquarius. This is an outgoing month for you in terms of career and friendship.

You can receive a proposition this month for either marriage or for a partnership. You may sign an important contract that could change your life!

Travel is in store for you, either romantic or business in nature.

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September horoscopes for Pisces

There are two strong themes going on for you at this month, dear Pisces, love and business.

In love, you have the sun and Venus right in your sector of relationships, marriage and partnerships… So there’s no way you leave September behind without falling in love.

You will be very aggressive and ambitious in regards to your goals and you have the best energy to catapult your career to it’s best moment of the year.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for the excitement September will bring.

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