The lunar Eclipse blood full moon!

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Lunar Eclipse blood full moon.

Dear reader, friends and clients.

Please read the text below according to your rising sign which would be more precise than your sun sign for this event of the Eclipse today.

But for a better and more precise understanding of the Eclipse today; October 8th please see on your chart where this degree of the Eclipse will fall and read it according to the correspondent house.

If you don’t know your rising sign, (ascendant) ask your astrologer or find out online

For example if your rising sun is at 15º Libra, the lunar Eclipse today will touch your 7th house of close relationships, partnerships and your spouse or committed relationship.

Below is all the effects of the Eclipse according to each house. With horoscopes we have to use 0º degree of the sign because this is the technique astrologers use.

Thanks, and have a open mind to accept what you can’t change and the universe will work in your favor opening new possibilities forward.

The full moon and Eclipse is on the 8th at 15º Aries, and it will occur at 6:55 AM (Eastern Time).

This full moon lunar eclipse, is called a ‘blood full moon’ due to its red color and it can have a strong effect on world events, particularly in the Middle East.

The Sun and the Moon will be in a close, stressful angle with Pluto, a challenging situation.

This celestial combination will remove situations that appear stable in order to show us what needs to be changed.

Uranus  and the Moon in Aries are together manifesting a revolutionary energy at this point in time. Expect for sudden changes, unexpected shifts and emotional awakenings. Each one of us will experience the impact in different fields in our lives.


1st house (or rising sun in Aries)

You will feel it the most. During this Eclipse (which can be impactful 7 days before and up to 7 days after), you feel like changing your life or your behavior literally, either because of an external event, or because of your own internal need for a change.

Something will end, or goes to a point of no return. You may reach a point of non-negotiable conclusion, and how you deal with, accept and embrace this change is what will make a big difference and create an evolution for you.

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2nd house (or rising sun in Pisces)

You may be shocked at first with the first news you hear during this Eclipse, but don’t panic, because things will turn to a much better direction.

This is the only way the universe can improve your life, shaking what is stagnated.

All this is happening in your sector of income and the money you earn. From now on, you won’t earn your money from the same source. You may be fired from your current job, or you may leave your company, or perhaps you decide to go into a new direction. But remember this is not the time to start anything new YET, but it is time to end, or to close a chapter in your life.

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3rd house (or rising sun in Aquarius)

This Eclipse  can be quite heavy on your mind and nervous system. You may choose to make sudden decisions, like moving to a different town or a new neighborhood.

The sector where this Eclipse will strike is where you perceive and digest the thoughts objectively and intellectually.

So make sure you think and reflect before you make a decision or change something in your life.

If you travel today, please check your car with a mechanic before you hit the road dear Aquarius and if by train or plane, check the schedule and reservations closely.

The planet of surprises and sudden changes, is next to the moon, so your emotions will be out of control. If you lost someone lately, my dear, you may feel strongly and deeply sad during these days.

Accept what you can’t change, you are ending a chapter in your life and bending for the forces of destiny, because it is the only way to go, it’s the only way you can open the windows of new opportunities in your life.

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4th house (or rising sun in Capricorn)

This eclipse can strike a family problem something unexpected may come up. The planet of surprises, Uranus is on your area of family, real estate and properties. Something you didn’t know about until the day of the eclipse (or for some of you up to 2 weeks later), will be revealed.

Money will also be an issue, and you may even have to ask for a bank loan, which by the way, is going to be easy if you have a good line of credit.  If you own properties you may have difficulties with a tenant or you may have to take care of a repair that was not in your budget.

Your tendency will be to take extremes measures, but don’t, dear Capricorn, be patient and wait because things will clear out by the end of the month and you will see help coming.

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5th house (or rising sun in Sagittarius)

For you this eclipse will fall in your area of true love, kids and creativity.

At first you may be dealing with a shocking situation, but if something really occurs, don’t panic, because help is on the way and what looks helpless will turned out good in the end.

You may feel a tremor in your finances, and you may face some domestic situations that could upset you for a while.

If you have children, one of them may need your emotional support.

If you are in a casual relationship or in a new relationship, you may either be surprised by how it will turn, unexpectedly… for better or worse. Or maybe your lover is going through a difficult moment and needs your support.

All this could happen overnight.

A pregnancy can be unexpectedly announced to you.

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6th house (or rising sun in Scorpio)

We are always evolving and learning and sometimes the universe chooses awkward ways to help us to move forward.

This is the last eclipse of a Taurus/Scorpio series and from now on your time for challenges and drama has come to an end.

I’m sure you had a life or turning point on one of these eclipsed days or maybe you brought something important to it’s conclusion.

November 13 2012, April 25th 2013, May 10th 2013, November 3rd 2013, April 28th 2014 are possible dates when something significant began or ended but which will now come to it’s final moment and finally get clarity.

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7th house (or rising sun in Libra)

You have to be strong  under this Eclipse on the 8th. If you are married or committed, this eclipse can affect your relationship in a very unexpected way, hard to predict and hard to imagine it’s extension for some of you.

Your partner could also be affected, and he or she can be undergoing a moment of stress or radical change, like losing his or her job, for example.

Don’t try to hold onto something that is out of your control, respect the universe’s command and wait for a solution, because by the end of the month the sun will shine again for you.

Sometimes a relationship needs a little shake in order to change both of you and if you decide to go back, you will relate in different terms. And relationships that end under Mercury retrograde can be reunited after Mercury goes back on track, which is after the 26th . Things are more likely to go back to a normal flow after mid November.

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8th house ( or rising sun in Virgo)

For you the Eclipse will touch your area of money, shared money, taxes, credit cards, bank loans and conclusions.

Something may end for you in a very unexpected way, but whatever goes from your life, just accept and embrace it, because it’s part of your evolution and spiritual growth process. When we accept change, we leave the window of opportunities open for the new.

You may hear surprising news about money which was unexpected, like a debt you were not aware of or a bonus or even a tax return you were not expecting. It could be good new or bad news dear Virgo, it all depends on how you have been organizing your finances.

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9th house (or rising sun in Leo)

This lunar Eclipse  may bring shocking news or events that have never crossed your mind, not in your wildest dreams.

The area where this Eclipse will take place is the area of other countries, publishing and immigration, so if you are an illegal visitor in a foreign country, you may be at risk for immigration related problems.

It’s not advisable to travel at this time for two reasons, first because the Sun is in your area of short trips opposing Uranus, and second because Mercury is retrograde in the same area. If you have to travel for a business meeting you can’t postpone, then double check with the airline, confirm your meeting with your client, get a tune up for your car if traveling by road, and the same with rentals and hotel reservation.

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10th house (or rising sun in Cancer)

You feel the lunar Eclipse and full moons stronger than anybody else, because the moon is your ruling planet, and this one will be a volcanic explosion because it’s hitting your career sector, the highest area of your chart, the area where you present yourself to the world, your stage, your throne and your status quo.

But don’t panic, I know you get shaken when you think about leaving things behind, but whatever exits your life or changes now will be a blessing for you.

These events can come in a very unexpected ways, but that’s how the universe operates. When something is stagnated, a shake is necessary to see improvements. If the world was all the same forever, we would still be rubbing sticks together to obtain fire.

Change is necessary and that’s what makes our lives improve for the better.

Your career can go to another direction and you have to be open for that. The company you work for can close, go out of business or your boss can fire you in an unexpected way.

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11th house (or rising sun in Gemini)

For you this Eclipse will bring unexpected news about a friend or if you are part of a group project something you are not aware of may come to light, like someone can leave the group or a friend could push you forward in a very hard way.

Things may be shaky at first, and you may find yourself at a crossroad, but as soon as the 10th comes around, you will see a light at the end of the tunnel.

You may be required to sign an important contract at this time but DON’T! Please wait until mid-November, or you may regret it later. Don’t even shake hands or verbally make a promise because you could very well change your mind.

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12th house (or rising sun in Taurus)

This will be a shocking moment for you when you will hear either a revelation or a secret you had no idea about, which can affect you deeply.

If you are in therapy, an insight can come about which can set off an avalanche of self discovery that can change completely the way you deal with yourself.

Someone close to you may need your help or may have to undergo surgery and you may have to spend some time in the hospital.

But your power of healing can manifest in a way you were not expecting.

Where this Eclipse full moon will take place is also the area of hidden enemies, so someone in your office for example, can be gossiping or spreading something about you that could hurt your reputation though it may not necessarily be true.

This is a time to reflect and try to change emotional behaviors that you had not been aware of until someone voiced them to you.

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