Colorful lunar Eclipse Tuesday morning

There’s a full moon and lunar eclipse tonight, Tuesday morning the 15th at 3:48 AM (Eastern Time) at 25º Libra.

This eclipse with the sun in Aries and the moon in Libra brings out the need to be free. This is a perfect day to find balance in every and all aspects of our lives that need to be straightened out.

The Tao teaches us: ‘Bend and be straight’

Life teaches us: ‘Yield and overcome’

The raw energy of Aries pushes us to self-centered needs and our almost childish, libidinal desires while Libra pushes us to put our attention to the needs and desires of others, for a blend of emotional and spiritual integration.

Some of us may face a struggle between what is good for one and what is good for a relationship.

It’s time to think about ‘how we affect others’ with our life example and what we have done to change someone else’s life for the better.

This full moon asks us to balance the ‘self’ with the ‘other’ and how to match and fuse with others without losing our integrity.

Take some time today to reflect upon how you deal with yourself and others. How you deal with relationships and with love in all forms.

A soul mate is someone who challenges your soul.” D.H. Lawrence

A soul mate is someone who lets you change while they accept who you are but more importantly who you will become.

Have a beautiful and evolving full moon and eclipse tonight!