August horoscopes

August horoscopes

August 2014

What caught my attention when writing about August was a few meet ups between Uranus and Saturn.

The first stimulates idealism and freedom while the second produces limitation, isolation and reality.

This combination will force us to confront the contradictions between our more eccentric and visionary ideas and our realistic needs.

We have to find the fusion between new experiences and structure.


August is going to be such a fun and romantic month for you dear Aries! This is an excellent time to take a vacation, to travel to a exotic location with the love of your life or to go ‘solo’ but  with an open heart so as to fall in love.

This is also a good period to associate with someone who has a business mind and believes in your exceptional and unique creativity.Read your complete August horoscopes.


This is going to be a very interesting moment. This month will be awesome for family and housing matters, dear Taurus.

This is a month to work hard, but it´s optimal for having fun too, so try to balance both these sides of your life and you will be super happy in August.

This is a very positive time to purchase a new house, or to sell or redecorate your place. Read your complete August horoscopes.


This is going to be an excellent month for signing contracts and closing deals.

Work hard and play hard dear Gemini.

Are you in the writing business? So take advantage of August and write a new novel or a self help book.

Read your complete August horoscopes.


In August dear Cancer, you get a powerful celestial push to attract more cash to you pockets and to enhance yourself esteem. Jupiter the planet of luck will stay for one year in your sector of money, while the Sun, Mercury and Venus stays for the month of August and the first week of September.

It’s a moment of abundance and material growth.

You may be seriously thinking about having children or elevating a casual relationship to a more committed status. Read your complete August horoscopes.


I don’t think life can get any better than this! You are experiencing a GOLDEN time, dear Leo, a rare moment in your life in the last 12 years, and in August you hit the jackpot. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and lucky Jupiter will be gathering in your sign, bringing the best vibrations the universe can offer, just to YOU!!

You are exuding happiness and good vibrations, hence you are attracting the BEST and the most interesting people to your life.

You are attracting love and great opportunities!

What are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and do the best you can! Read your complete August horoscopes.


In August dear Virgo you should rest and take some time off to reflect upon your life. This is the perfect time to go to a spiritual resort or a retreat and plan for the incoming new year. The month before your birthday is a favorable time to listen to your heart, meditate and plan for the next year.

You have a celestial gift on the 25th which is a new moon in your sign and you are ready to start over my dear Virgo, and create a fantastic new year for yourself. Read your complete August horoscopes.


Friends will push you to have fun in August dear Libra.

This is the best time to place your wishes to the universe… and don’t be surprised if you get what you wish for!

Be careful with extra expenditures, because this is not a time for making money dear Libra, rather it´s a time to have fun and enjoy life. Read your complete August horoscopes.


You will experience a planetary momentum in your career, dear Scorpio, when you will have all the opportunities and connections you could dream of, you will be able to edge out your competitors with Mars in your sign.

A huge career success could be on its way to you.

In love, you are attractive, charming and irresistible.

It´s time to make new friends and speed up your social life. Read your complete August horoscopes.


This is the time to pack and take off on a delightful trip, dear Sagittarius. If you are single you may find love on an exotic Island or at a sunny location, or you could meet a foreigner and fall in love at first sight.

A secret will be unveiled to you, either about you, or someone close to you.

This is a time to spend on your mind, to learn, to voice your ideas to the world, to be with same minded people and enjoy the opportunities the universe is sending your way in relation to your career.

August will be a super delightful month! Read your complete August horoscopes.


This is a highly sensual month for you, dear Capricorn.

You will be more in touch with your sensuality and more people will be attracted to you as a result.

This is a great time to plan a trip to an exotic destination.

Working alone will be less complicated than working with other people.

You are strong and capable, so you don’t need anybody at this time to distract you from your focus or trying to compete with you, thereby taking your attention away from your target. Read your complete August horoscopes.


This is an absolutely golden month for you dear Aquarius, your career will really heat up.

Your love life will also glitter! A relationship that has been casual will become serious. Expect for wedding plans, moving in together or reuniting with an ex.

If you are married, then you will be thinking about going to the next level, like having kids… buying a new house and so on.

In business your clientele will grow and this is a perfect time to start a partnership. Read your complete August horoscopes.


A special relationship will be illuminated in August. If you are married you may renew your vows, if single or attached, expect for changes in your status.

You will have all the opportunities you can wish for in your work area. You will be creative and attract the best vibes for work related opportunities.

Take care of your health, sleep well, and eat well because you will need a lot of energy for a high demanding month at work. Read your complete August horoscopes.