2016 Yearly Horoscopes for All Signs

Dear Reader,

2016 Yearly HoroscopesHere’s a synopses of what the year of 2016 can bring for you. Read your sun sign and the rising sign as well, to provide you with more information and awareness.

Acknowledging the astrological trends of the year helps us to plan the events in our lives in advance.

Astrology shows us the optimal times when you can and should move forward with your projects and risk or dare a new venture because you know it’s an auspicious time, thanks to the astrological support of the stars. Likewise, the unfavorable moments hint at when you need to be patient and wait for a time period to pass, or when to be more careful.

It is important to know the periods when Mercury goes retrograde for example, for you to avoid important decision making, travel, the signing of important documents, partnership agreements, wedding dates, and even verbal commitments. It’s good to know when is not a favorable time to buy electronics, computers, or phones, or when to avoid moving…

Periods when Mercury will retrograde in 2016 are:

From January 5th until January 25th

From April 28th until May 22nd

From August 31st until September 22nd

From December 18th until January 8th, 2017

Mars the planet of action, energy, determination and influential in wars and conflicts, will also retrograde this year. If not for Mars’ influence, we would not have the energy to get out of bed each morning.

Mars retrogrades every two years and this year, it will retrograde from April 17th in Sagittarius until May 27th,  and then in the sign of Scorpio until June 29th.

When Mars is retrograde it is not advisable to get married or start a new venture or project.

The most affected signs; the one’s who will experience more events related to this slow motion time  will be Aries because Mars is your ruling planet, Sagittarius, and Leo. Scorpios and their water brothers, Cancer and Pisces.

Along with Mars, Pluto will also retrograde and soon after, so will Mercury, from April 28th until May 22nd, making it the slowest and most sluggish period of the year. Between April 28th – May 22nd , when Pluto, Mars and Mercury will be retrograde, we can feel the massive energy or lethargy and delays in most events in our lives.

During this period, do not expect to see much progress in any area of your life, do not plan on starting on any projects either.

However this is a good time to look within and reflect on your power of determination, your potential and your talents.

Identify where you need to improve in your relationships, and where you need to use diplomacy instead of hostilities and or confrontations.

Venus will not retrograde in 2016! Phew! The next time Venus retrogrades will be from March 4th until April 16th 2017. So no, NO setting your wedding date during that period, same goes for scheduling plastic surgeries or beauty enhancement procedures.

Let’s see how Mars, Mercury and Pluto retrograde will affect each sign in particular, this time around in 2016:


For you dear Aries, this period will affect your financial area, so do not expect a raise in salary during this time, and account receivables may become delayed, even lost in the mail, etc. Try to avoid making any deals at this time. Again, this period runs from April 28th  until May 22nd.  Your energy will be lower, your body might feel more prone to the flu and colds.

Travel, both by land or ‘astral’ can become nightmarish. For example you book a trip to the Caribbean but during your 10 days stay, it rains every day. In  addition to that, there is a real risk of missing flights, experiencing delays and losing baggage!

This is however, a great time for you to rehash your projects and refine your professional goals, so that in July you can jumpstart any new project, or start on a new direction in your career.


You my dear, will be ‘gifted’ with Mercury in your sign, so you’ll see more delays than normal and you could get a little lost during this period; this period runs from April 28th to May 22nd. You will find it difficult to make decisions, you could become very forgetful and you could make a big mistake. This is definitely not a good time for a life change. Your energy will not only be slow, you’ll be lacking in direction.

Mars will be traveling the financial sector of your chart, and thereafter, the relationship and commitment sector. During this time period your libido will be low or you won’t feel sexually attracted to the opposite sex. This influence can be much strong for women. You could experience many conflicts with your partner for nonsensical reasons.

You, above all other signs, dear Taurus shouldn’t think of setting your wedding date within that period, nor is it optimal for a proposal.

If you are about to start on divorce proceedings, avoid scheduling anything on these dates, and if possible, wait for the month of July to schedule related appointments.

And take the time to reassess the way you relate to people in your intimacy. Are you being true to yourself and the person with whom you live with?


Your subconscious mind my dear Gemini will suffer through storms during this period of time (from April 28th – May 22nd) so try to stay away from crowds and instead take care of what matters most during this period… yourself. Seek for your answers within.

You will prefer to withdraw from social life and become more solitude in your intimacy.

You may have dreams of past situations, uterine life or past lives and those dreams can bring great revelations.

Your marriage may go through a period of conflict and you need to learn to use diplomacy to resolve your issues.

If you have a ‘bad’ temper, at this time you will have moments of great anger for reasons that not even you will not understand.

It is not a good time to make decisions about marriage, divorce or partnerships, rather re-establish your relationship with acceptance and love.

During this period you may feel too lazy to get up in the morning and out of bed to get on with your day. To improve this lack of energy, try to follow a schedule with discipline and force yourself to do what you have scheduled for the day, otherwise, you can accumulate a lot of work in July.


Misunderstandings between friends will be very common during this period dear Cancer.

The time is favorable to reconnect with friends you have not seen for a long time, friends from high school or from the old neighborhood.

This is not a good time to make new plans or life projects; you might be unsure of the direction you want to take, and your wishes might be contrary to your dreams. This period runs from April 28th  until May 22nd.

Your daily life is going to stagnate, your energy will be low not allowing you to take on new initiatives, but this is a great time to take off from work and take care of your physical body, though exercise will be the last thing you will want to do…  If you are an athlete your performance may drop but you can make an extra effort and push yourself harder, dear Cancer.

Relationships that begin during this period may not take off at first, you may even think that your new love interest is not very interested in you, but from July on everything changes and this casual dalliance will become serious and committed.

This is not a good time to consider procedures like in vitro insemination, for example.

Do not neglect your health.


Darling Leo, don’t expect for major professional developments during this period, rather  accept what the universe has to give you. Projects can become stagnant, sales too.

You can even think about changing careers, but the thought stays only in your mind. But everything will improve after May 22nd and by July you will finally reap the rewards of your hard work.

You may run into an old crush and try to reconcile, but the bickering will continue and you will sadly have to give up on this relationship.

Don’t even consider moving into another home, neighborhood, city or worse, to a different country during this period.

If you work with real estate and real estate investments, this period can be very time consuming.

Family conflicts can be very common during this period. Take the opportunity to exercise your patience with your relatives.


You my dear Virgo, should not think about going on a vacation at this time, nor is it advisable to travel for business. Astral travel can also take you to places that even in thought you would like to go. This period runs from April 28th until May 22nd.

Relationships with family can get very turbulent and you will be too lazy to want to deal with conflicts and family glitches.

Try to change your way of dealing with them, use diplomacy and more tolerance.

If you have an aggressive nature dear Virgo, and you call it as it is… pay better attention to what comes out of your mouth! During this period you can say something without meaning, you can be aggressive and lose loved ones for not choosing a more diplomatic approach.

Do not sign contracts or even shake hands on an agreement at this time because you will change your mind in July.


Before this time comes around, my dear Libra, take stock of your finances, including credit card debts, and if you have them, try to negotiate or pay your debts. Inquire with your accountant if the taxes you reported are correct, and avoid doing business with partners or investors during the period beginning April 28th through May 22nd.

If you are already (by some chance) in the process of negotiating a deal or a contract, try to aim for the closing at the latest by April 22nd.

Your  electronic ‘toys’ could malfunction at this time, so save your work, back up your computers, and there’s no better time than the present to clean up your hard drive as well.

Your monthly salary may be delayed, there is a chance that checks could get lost in the mail as well.

You will be too lazy to fight for your survival during this period and you get the feeling you’d be willing to live under the bridge so as not to have to be part of this materialistic world … but do not give up! In July everything goes back to normal.


If you are married my dear Scorpion or you have a stable relationship, you run the risk of having misunderstandings, conflicts and even a breakup if you and your partner are experiencing a crisis. But do not bother to make decisions at this time, you’ll change your mind after May 22nd.

Your courage and will to fight for your survival will drop a lot and you may be disappointed with a financial situation at this point. Look closer at your expenses during this period.

After May 27th, Mars is back in Scorpio, and then my dear Scorpio, your energy will drop sharply until the end of June.

To minimize this unwillingness to do anything, try to exercise, even if you need a hoist to pull you out of inertia.


Work projects and your daily tasks will be hit the hardest in these days, dear Sagittarius.

Try to follow a schedule, try not to forget anything or get lost in your daily tasks.

This is not a good time to work on new projects, change jobs or fire an employee.

This period runs from April 28th  to May 22nd.

Mars will first transit by your sign, my dear Sagittarius, and you’ll be so lazy, you won’t even raise your arm to swat a fly. Your energy will fall a lot, as will your libido and the willingness to fight for your interests.

Try to do some physical activities that can snap you from this state of inertia.

After May 27th, Mars goes into your subconscious area, and you may have dreams about your past lives, your uterine life or childhood.

During this period you tend to hold onto grudges and you internalize your anger. When nobody is around, scream aloud and release the stress relating to everything that is bothering you.


The area where your could experience misunderstandings is in the area of love and children, dear Capricorn. So it is not a good time to start a new relationship, but if you meet someone, you are not going to turn him or her down, because Mercury is retrograde, but just don’t expect that the relationship will grow strong. Mercury retrograde lasts only until May 22nd.

Your relationship with your children could be prone to misunderstandings, and problems that have gone unresolved might come to the fore.

Mars will cause a slump in your area of the unconscious mind, it is not a good time to get surgery, unless it is absolutely necessary. Avoid being alone because you can easily become depressed.

After May 27th, you’ll be too lazy to socialize or be around friends. Any how, the friction will be constant, so it’s better that you are away from them, avoiding conflicts or disappointments.

You may feel excluded from your group of friends as well or just feel unmotivated to help them or do something for them, and vice versa. It is a period (until the end of June) when you cannot really count on your friends.

Your dreams and life plans will also have to wait, because you won’t know what direction you want to go in, anyway.


You my dear Aquarius may have misunderstandings with your family so it is not a period (from April 28th until May 22nd) to bring up sensitive issues.

Don’t even think about moving from your house, apartment, city or country during this period which comes to an end on May 22nd.

If you work in real estate, or want to sell or buy a property, wait until the end of May.

Mars will slow down social activities, you will be too lazy to be with your friends because no matter how much you love to socialize, during this period, you will prefer a more intimate crowd, with your sweetheart and close family and or friends.

This energy runs until May 27th.  After that, Mars acts in your professional area and, oh yes, you will need a crane to assist you with your load of work projects. You might get angry often and you’ll want to throw it all away, but be patient dear Aquarius, it will pass, and then this energy will revert into a super promising period.


You my dear Pisces, will get lost in communication, you will find it difficult to express yourself and an assortment of misunderstandings around you will be a constant.

Your computer will also be the target of Mercury until May 22nd, so back up your work and don’t you dare buy a new computer or a phone at this time!

Negotiations and contracts will have to wait. Stay informed and up to date about your deals and or contracts.

But your career, your relationship with your boss or with authority figures can suffer with the energy of Mars retrograde.

First your professional efficiency will go through a phase of overall lethargy. You will feel like you’re trying to drive a car with the brakes pulled.

Try to be diplomatic in your relationships with police, authority figures and your boss; misunderstandings and conflicts are very common during this period in time which will drag until the end of June, but after that you will not believe the pace with which your business will progress.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion will be in Virgo until September 9th, 2016, when it then moves to Libra, a sign that is more concerned with peace and building relationships. We will then experience a phase of prosperity and peace, which will last until October 10, 2017, for 13 months.

Libra and the air signs Gemini and Aquarius will be the most fortunate signs.

The passage of Jupiter in Virgo (since August 11th 2015) is being marked by a period of slow expansion and retention because it is a period in which we must adapt to the unvarnished reality. Many of us have had (and are having) to cut costs, save money and be deprived of many things we like to do.

It is time to improve and to learn to live in a more modest way. It’s time to learn to save.

After September 9th, 2016 Jupiter enters a much more prosperous sign and then we return to a phase of expansion, especially in relation to the arts, beauty, our social life, careers that are linked to fashion, home decoration, photography, design, and acting.

Many will find their other halves, a great love and get married.

Jupiter can also increase conflicts in relationships that are already in crisis.

Libra is all about peace and harmony.

Let’s look at where Jupiter will create retention in your chart until September 9th 2016 and also where it will create expansion and solidify relationships:


It is in the area of your daily tasks, where you will experience more retention, like at the office, and in your work, so do not expect for expansions at this time. But it is, however, a good time to work hard so as to reap rewards later. The positive side is that you can perfect a work project or renew a business agreement before starting.

Your health will need adjustments, healthy eating and exercise will be a MUST in your daily life. Your immune system might be weakened.

But if you take good care of your lovely, physical body, you will be a much healthier individual.

As of September 9th 2016, Jupiter will enter the best area for love and marriage, and if you are single, expect to absolutely change your status. Jupiter stays until October 2017.

If you work with customers, your will experience a surge in your clientele roster, and you will meet very prestigious, socially and financially successful people and celebrities.


It is in the department of love where you will need to be more discerning and discriminating in. You may get to know someone in March or in June, but the relationship will start slowly. You will want to know each other very well before engaging in a more serious relationship.

In September Jupiter is bringing his lucky wand to your work area, to your daily tasks, and the area of health.

It will be a great period (one year) to start a new project that could earn you a lot, financially.

If you have any chronic health problems you can find the right doctor to give you the proper treatment.

You might move your office to a much more spacious place and your clientele will increase and your efforts will pay of.


Your home life is not very satisfactory, but if it were different, you may never have gotten the family support you’ve had, and in March or June you may even have an opportunity to buy or sell a property or move your residence to a better locale.

As of September 9th 2016, dear Gemini, you embark in a phase of much love in your life. If you are single you will meet wonderful people and fall in love.

If dating is not in your plans, you will find much joy with your children, or you may be blessed with the arrival of a baby in the house.


Jupiter is increasing your brainpower, especially in regards to taste and attention to detail, but on the other hand, you are so critical, and you tend to organize things and events to the point that you might lose sight of the wholeness of the thing.

This can be true in relation to your contracts, written projects, such as a book, a script, or articles. But in March and June you will have more opportunities in the area of communication. These are good months to write or to present a project to an investor.

As of September 9th 2016, the expansion will happen in your home; you can move into a house or apartment which reflect your needs or is more spacious, or you can redecorate your home or receive a gift from your family. You family might grow.

You will experience a period of great harmony with your family.


For you dear Leo, you’ll be creating a foundation to expand your finances at a later time. Now it’s time to contain your spending; it’s for a greater cause.

If you’ve started a project and it is not bearing fruit, do not worry, you will see progress in the months of March and June, so long as you organize your budget according to your gains.

Starting in September, you’ll have the help of Jupiter for communication. This will be a great time to display your work projects and show the world your ideas and intellectual capability. Your ideas will  not only be accepted, but praised and may generate a nice profit for you.

You might move to a place that is closer to your job.


Jupiter in Virgo entirely suits your lifestyle, dear Virgo, which is always within a framework of containment and organization.

You are the sign who will reap the most benefit with Jupiter in Virgo because it is bringing you interesting opportunities and more people to do business with you, attracted by your ability to work hard, efficiently and be discerning in your choices.

From September 9th 2016, Jupiter will sweeten things up for you; you will prosper and you’ll be very happy with the results of a work project or a new job that will pay more than the last one and still give you more pleasure and peace of mind.


You’re having the privilege of having Jupiter in the area of the unconscious mind. Let me explain, you might not seeing progress or growth but, externally as well as internally you are undergoing a major evolution. You will be analyzing the psyche in a careful and discriminating way in all the little details. It’s a great time to do therapy.

In March and June, you will discern valuable insights so perfect that you feel a drive to be in the right place with the right people to create more progress and abundance in your life.

Starting on September 9th 2016, you become the most fortunate sweetheart of the zodiac, dear Libra and luck will come stand by your side after a long, absent period of 12 years (since September 2004).

Jupiter will bring expansion into your life, opportunities, growth, self-improvement and abundance. Have you heard of the Midas touch? The legend about the man called Midas, everything he touched turned into gold? This is you!


You can count on friends, but even so, sometimes it seems that the support is limited, you even come to doubt that Jupiter is transiting your sector of friends.

Do not worry, you’ll be able to count on them in March and June, so choose these months to make that phone call to a friend who can make an important introduction and open doors for you.

From September 9th 2016, yes, Jupiter will help you in a more subtle way, you do not realize it, but the universe and an archangel will be working in your favor to make your life more prosperous and happy in 2017.


Dear Sagittarius, Jupiter hasn’t expanded in your area of career since June 2015, now, it is offering ever-increasing opportunities the likes of which you haven’t seen in the last 12 years!

If your natal chart agrees and you came to this life to be very successful, the time has arrived.

But in order for this ‘awesome’ success to happen, your have to work with eagle vision watching every detail, fixing all the errors and being very discriminating in choosing who works or associates will you.

You will certainly have many opportunities in the months of March and June… enjoy!

From September 9th 2016 on, you will not believe how much support you will receive from friends. It is a good year to connect with friends with prestige and those who are well connected, because through an introduction or networking, you might land one of the best opportunities of your life.


You are currently making amazing trips overseas, getting to visit many countries and learning a lot from other cultures. But often these trips can present obstacles or situations that can bring you some headaches.

Do not worry, because in March and June you might have a lot of fun on a special trip and you’ll meet people with whom you can do business. International contacts will be a must to expand your business.

And speaking of business, guess where Jupiter will go to after September 9th 2016? Into the area you like best, in the area of career! Which of course will bring an expansion so great that you will not believe it!  It will be something similar to what you experienced back in September 2004, but now, it will be even more abundant.

The opportunities will fall from the sky for you, and you know how to take advantage of them! So roll up your sleeves dear Capricorn and get ready to hit the jackpot.


You my dear Aquarius, are in need, you are depending on other people’s money to get through this year. Your own salary and investments are not in a very expansive phase.

In March and June you will be able to count on an inheritance or an extraordinary helping hand from a family member.

Not a very promising period to apply for loans, the bank may lend you more than you could afford or less than you need.

As of September 9th 2016, you will be able to count on a major expansion coming from other countries or international business.

It will be a great time to travel and to expand your mind.


Jupiter is in your area of committed relationships dear Pisces, so your mariage should be in a very good moment right now, because you and your spouse are more attentive to all the peculiarities that need be observed and followed in order for a marriage to work.

If you are experiencing a moment of crisis, allow yourself a trip for two in March or June and talk about all the issues that are bothering you. Don’t fight, just talk with love in your heart and do a retrospective and review with your partner everything that you feel needs to change… you have a great opportunity to overcome a crisis.

Starting on September 9th 2016, you can enlist the help of other people who will be interested in investing with you on your ideas relating to a project that can pay off very well and even expand.

During this period, shop around for financially strong investors to carry out your projects.

For all signs:

The year of 2016 is divided in two cycles, the first cycle lasts until the month of September 2016 but because Jupiter is in Virgo, and Saturn square Neptune, both occurrences are responsible for many of the difficulties we’ll be facing this year, both leaving us with so many uncertainties. Many of us will suffer the dissolution of stable situations. We need to exercise patience and acceptance. Remember to accept what you cannot change, this is the best way to stay open to the fabulous opportunities the universe has in store for us in the future. Keep positive thoughts, and visualize your dreams as if they are real, and they will materialize.

From September 2016 on, the sky shines again for us and we will see more prosperity and progress.

Happy 2016 to all!
Love, Sandra