The purpose of this book is to give you, dear reader, all the information and knowledge I got, on my surviving journey with cancer treatments without mutilating myself, poisoning my body or killing my healthy cells. I’m here to encourage you to look for treatments that will keep you alive, even with a diagnosis of stage IV breast cancer with bone metastasis, which was my case.

When I heard from my doctor, “I’m sorry it’s cancer,” I can’t describe in words how I felt at that moment.
Everybody who knows me, and my readers who follow me can testified that I eat healthy foods for more than 25 years, I juice every day, I never smoked, I used to work out 5 times a week, I meditate, and help people to deal with their challenges, like divorce, disease, loss and other problems like bad nutrition habits.
And I still had cancer.

In my book: ‘How to beat cancer naturally’ I share my cancer journey with courage and strength, showing all the stages of the process, what I did, at every level such as spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. 
I share what I changed in my life, and I show all the alternative and holistic procedures I chose.

Today, after five years, I’m healthy again, I’m back exercising and have more energy than I ever had before.
My life changed for better, I accepted my fate, and I embraced it.
I rose to this challenge of my life, turning lemons into delicious juice.


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What people are saying about my book:

Everything a woman needs to know to live well and age gracefully. This is a book you’ll want to share with your mother, your sister and your friends.Bursting with humor, wisdom and sage advice. –
Eva Longoria, actress
Yes I’m 58 has changed my life. I applied a new organized disciplined schedule to my routine and the universe is already sending me quick gifts, rewarding my evolution. It’s beautiful to see your life transforming before your eyes, just for adding organization and discipline to your routine. 
-Anna Arias, actress
“This is the book that’s been missing from every woman’s bedside table. Sandra shares her wisdom, astrological guidance and the secret to maintaining a great body at every age. If you want to age beautifully and well this is a must read book.” 
-Zelia Cardoso de Mello. Former  Finance Minister in Brazil

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