‘Healthy is the New Skinny’

We live in a modern world where everything is fast paced and nobody has time to cook; sometimes the only option is to eat out.

Food has also became portable. Whether it’s a toaster pastry, a frozen meal, a box of cookies, a cup of yogurt, a can of cola, or an individually wrapped slice of cheese, chances are that product is heavily processed and contains various additives and chemicals to preserve its shelf life.

If you can’t  pronounce an ingredient or you don’t know the ingredients on the back of  a product, chances are your brain won’t have a natural coping resource for some of those ingredients either, and do you know what happens then? Your brain will mutate your genes in order to adapt to those ingredients it doesn’t recognize as natural nutrition.

The result of consuming unpronounceable ingredients is arthritis, multiple sclerosis, some forms of cancer, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, infertility, lack of libido, lack of energy, hair loss and age related problems just to name a few.

Do you want to lose weight and have a healthy body?

Start by eliminating these foods:

Soft drinks and sweetened juices drinks

Red meat (loaded with hormones)

Cured or processed meats (bacon, sausages, ham, etc.)

White flour found in products like: pasta, bread, cookies, crackers, cakes, muffins and bakeries

Products with corn ( roughly 90% of corn is genetically modified)

Foods that contain hydrogenated fats and preservatives, or trans fat. You find these in products that come in a box or packaging.  Read the ingredients carefully.

Refined sugars and all products containing sugar, such as yogurts, juices, dressings, canned foods, etc…

Dairy. Unless you are a new born baby or a baby cow, you don’t need milk. It causes mucus in your body, poor digestion and lactose intolerance for some people, among others damages.

Fried foods.

All genetically modified foods, GMOs. (A post on GMO will be launch soon)

Be sure to read ingredient labels carefully and consume more whole foods!