Healthy Halloween Treats

What kind of treats are you giving to your kids to celebrate Halloween?

What I see in the stores to be sold and consumed by our kids on Halloween are the kind of treats I would not put in month or much less give to my children.

Don’t give your money to food companies that sell controversial chemicals, GMO’s, refined sugar and artificial dyes.

Consider giving your kids and other kids healthy treats instead. Let’s make this new generation disease free, teaching them how to be  health conscious and aware, after all, what you put in your body, becomes you!

Try this recipe with your kids!

Healthy Chocolate Bar


Two prewashed handful of nuts (a mix or walnuts)

8 medjoul dates (pitted)

two tablespoons almond butter

two tablespoons cashew butter

two tablespoons coconut butter (coconut manna)

three tablespoons chia seeds

One tablespoons raw cacao


In a processor, chop the nuts first and add all the ingredients and run the processor until you get a thick paste.

Then make into balls and or square pieces.

Let the kids pick the shape they want, and let them enjoy a good treat without hurting their health!