Full Moon Meditation

The Full Moon represents a moment of integration between two polarized points, the Sun in one sign, and the Moon in the opposite sign. Our challenge during the Full Moon is to find the balance between those two points. By following the meditation of each Full Moon for next year, it will guide and show us how to integrate those two energies. Observe the day and schedule of each Full Moon, and make your meditation. You can write in a piece of paper, simply repeat out aloud or in silence with your meditation of the day.

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New Moon Meditation

The New Moon represents a moment of renewal and the beginning of a cycle. For human beings, the New Moon is responsible for our emotions, for women’s reproductive cycles and childbirth. In the universe, the New Moon can be felt in the tides, the growth of the plants, the time changes and in nature’s catastrophes, such as earthquakes, hurricanes and floods. It is in the New Moon that we should begin new projects and activities, so that they are completed with success.

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