Eclipses represent a moment of conclusion and changes that are not only personal but also social. The changes take place because Eclipses take apart the Sun and the Moon electromagnetic, as well as the standards of human behavior. Eclipses change a moment in the universe where everything that is incubated or waiting for the right moment to enter into action, comes into place. So, it is very common for us to experience some conclusion in a chapter of our lives.

This in return will free our magnetic fields to accept new standards, people and new events. The truth usually comes out during an Eclipse.

On the exact day and sometimes 4 days before and 2 weeks after, we can experience a lot of confusion and disorientation, which is normal, and things tend to happen so fast that we usually can’t follow it. It feels as if we are watching a movie, and all of the sudden someone presses the fast forward button.

In reality, this is a reaction of the universe indicating that we need to get rid of the old in order to embrace the new. We can typically feel the affects of an Eclipse for about 6 months, and changes can reach its peek up to 2 years after the Eclipse. For example: If a person loses his/her job during an Eclipse, their first feelings will include fear and desperation. After the shock, the person starts to seek alternative means to survival and that will develop their creativity, and ability to find good solutions.

People discover hidden potentials during this search, and also have a chance to develop other professional talents. In 2 years this person will be in a better position, that is more profitable and satisfactory, and all of this would not have happened if this person had not lost his or her job.

The best way to deal with Eclipses is to accept what the universe sends our way. Be in synch with our inner-self, and especially, meditate and reflect about our life. Many times, Eclipses bring to surface certain dramas that awaken a side of our personality that was either sleeping, stagnated, or to revisit unbalanced areas in our life that are no longer part of our personal growth.

We should not start a new business, make important decisions, or even open a business during an Eclipse. According to ancient Astrologers, what is initiated during an Eclipse doesn’t move forward and never works. Marriage, new business, end of relationship, personal changes and other important events should be avoided during an Eclipse. We should create space in our life to welcome new energies and situations into our life. It is also important to observe everything very carefully.

If your partner ends the relationship, keep in mind that this is because another more important person is about to enter your life. Be patient because the consequences and continuity of those events can occur in a period of 2 years.

A Lunar Eclipse occurs when the Earth is positioned between the Moon and the Sun, covering the Moon’s light that is reflected by the Sun. When this happens, our reaction tends to be more emotional.

During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun; this eventually cuts off the light from the Sun, and marks the beginning of something new in our life, it also marks the end, but the end that opens the door so other things can begin.

By reading the following, we will have a better understanding of the affect of the Eclipse in our lives. Read the solar house through your sign, or if you have your astrological chart, it is better yet because you will have the exact degrees where the Eclipses will take place in your own natal chart.

When a lunar Eclipse falls in your 1st House

You can experience emptiness in your personal life that will inspire you to seek other motivations and profound changes. There will be a need to have a more meaningful relationship in your life.

When a solar Eclipse falls in your 1st House

Growth and personal development through recognizing our weakness and potentials, and identity crisis as part of our growth process. Great potentials could be developed that can reveal fame and success, if in your birth chart has a good aspect with the Eclipse.

When a lunar Eclipse falls in your 2nd House

Financial fluctuation and the need to seek more emotional satisfaction in regards to money. Some people may experience losses in order to learn how to better deal with their finances, other to find a financial balance, and improve the relationship between material and spiritual values. 

When a solar Eclipse falls in your 2nd House

The main focus will be financial. Some will be able to expand their financial profits, increase their equity, make big purchases, or experience great personal growth.

When a lunar Eclipse falls in your 3rd House

Our thinking process could be influenced by emotional feelings.

When a solar Eclipse falls in your 3rd House

There will a necessity of teaching and learning. Every day events can change our ideas or perception.

When a lunar Eclipse falls in your 4th House

It will stimulate our domestic and family instincts. Emotional security will depend on family roots. There will be a need to build a solid emotional base as a support for our professional goals.

When a solar Eclipse falls in your 4th House

We will feel the need to start our own family, in order to make our mark in society and to have security. There could a move to another home or country.

When a lunar Eclipse falls in your 5th House

It will stimulate creativity and feelings of love. There will be a need to have love in our life, and creative activities.
When a solar Eclipse falls in your 5th House

A new love can enter our life and stimulate our spiritual development. Expressions of creative means that still have not being fully developed, and unexpected pregnancy.

When a lunar Eclipse falls in your 6th House

There will be a need to have emotional satisfaction at work, as a base and support for physical and spiritual health. Those who are unhappy at work can start developing physical problems due to their frustration. Balance between physical and spiritual body.

When a solar Eclipse falls in your 6thHouse

Need to change the routine at work. New potentials can be developed. Health can improve due to new eating or physical habits. Job loss if what you have is no longer providing what you really need.

When a lunar Eclipse falls in your 7th House

Need to fulfill the emotional emptiness by creating a commitment with someone else via marriage or partnership. Those who have a secure relationship can become more mature, and experience growth.

When a solar Eclipse falls in your 7th House

Many can get married, or feel an urgency to bring someone into their life. A marriage that is no longer fulfilling our expectations can fall apart. Your self-love can be brought to life by your partner, or by public contact.

When a lunar Eclipse falls in your 8th House

If we satisfy our internal values, we can then have financial satisfaction. It will accentuate our instincts and sexual necessities.

When a solar Eclipse falls in your 8th House

You partner can have great financial gains. The activities related to law, justice, and debit can be set in motion. The end of a chapter in our life, and the beginning of other.

When a lunar Eclipse falls in your 9th House

Questioning about your moral, ethical and religious values. Need for intellectual expansion as a base of personal growth.

When a solar Eclipse falls in your 9th House

Those who are going to college will want to change their major. Some will move to another country, and a philosophical discovery can bring great personal strength.

When a lunar Eclipse falls in your 10th House

Need for emotional satisfaction through professional life.

When a solar Eclipse falls in your 10th House

Career advancements, recognition and fame, if your transits confirm or indicate those traits. This is an important moment for your professional life, including opportunities to experience the fruits of your hard work.

When a lunar Eclipse falls in your 11th House

Emotional satisfaction through your involvement with groups and friends. Your emotional security and willingness to love will be reinforced by your group and friends.

When a solar Eclipse falls in your 11th House

Humanitarian actions will take place. A friend or a group will request your participation and in return provide you with personal security. You will know who your true friends are and who is not.

When a lunar Eclipse falls in your 12th House

Spiritual Experiences, meditation and instincts will bring you to profound areas of your soul. Hidden feelings will come out.

When a solar Eclipse falls in your 12th House

Great spiritual growth through the healing of childhood or past life traumas. Coming across friends, dead or alive, that can spoil your personal growth. Connection with everything, dissolution of ego and total openness.