On March 10, 2003, Uranus, the planet responsible for fundamental changes involving collective groups entered the sign of Pisces.
This rebellious and unconventional planet has a cycle of 83 years, and stays in each sign for approximately 7 years. Uranus was discovered in 1781, by William Herschel, a musician that loved to build telescopes, he became instantly famous with the unexpected discover of Uranus. 
Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, the same as Neptune rules Pisces, and Pluto rules Scorpio. The three planets are called transpersonal and generational because they are responsible for collective group changes. They are for sure the catalysts for the changes in humanity. When those two planets change signs, we also experience a collective social change.

As I described above, Neptune rules Pisces and Uranus rules Aquarius. From 2003 to 2011, Neptune will be in the sign of Aquarius and Uranus in the sign of Pisces. The Gods of transformation will be in mutual receptivity, both occupying each other’s sign, which in return will intensify their energies. 
The last time those two planets were together it was between 1835 and 1843, a very romantic period indeed. Love, emotions and imagination were the focus of the period. So, what should we expect from the radical and unpredictable Uranus, in the mysterious, sensible and enigmatic sign of Pisces? 

Uranus is known for being the catalyst of significant revolutions in history. When Uranus transited the sign of Scorpio in 1975, we experienced the sexual revolution, in 1981, in the sign of Sagittarius, the birth of the New Age movement, in the sign of Capricorn between 1989 and 1996, we lived through a profound political revolution with the fall of communism. Capricorn is the sign related to governmental structures. 
The passage of Uranus in the sign of Aquarius between 1996 and 2003 turned the world upside down with significant changes in global communication such the commercialization of the Internet, e-mail, cell phones, and digital technology. Many people became instant millionaires by owning Microsoft stocks and by designing websites.

Aquarius is the sign related to technology, science and advanced knowledge. Everything happened so fast that traditional and conventional individuals still did not assimilate this transformation. Now with Uranus in Pisces, the transformation will be even more enigmatic and in the obscure depths of our soul. Pisces rules music, dance, arts in general, spirituality, unification, equality, and the union between our soul and the body. However, Uranus also have negative aspects such as drugs of all kinds, excess use of alcohol, depression, lack of focus, confusion, and distorted perception. The ocean, the water and natural gases are ruled by Pisces. This is also a sign related to actors, photographers, and makeup artist. Pisces is a translucent sign that eludes and confuses.

The last Uranus transition in the sign of Pisces happened between 1920 and 1928. Jazz was invading the radio stations, Harlem was a fashionable place, Chicago was the center of music and entertainment, and Charleston the dance capital of the country. This also marked the beginning of the Art Deco movement, gangsters such as Al Capone, and planes substituted the train trips. Photography turned into Motion Pictures, Hollywood gave birth to the cinematography industry. Warner Brothers was founded in 1923 and Metro-Goldwin-Mayer was founded in 1925. There were inflation and political diversification in Europe; one side was communist and the other fascist. The U.S. experience moments of intense racism, isolation and prohibition. The U.S. turned its back to Europe, imports were minimal due to high taxes, and immigration was reduced.

The radical group Kukluxklan was also created during this period. The results of those events helped create the great depression and the “isolation” in the U.S., which led many banks to close its doors. 

In Brazil, we experienced the birth of the communist group, and a period of national anarchy. 
The cosmetic industry invaded the market, women started to use makeup, and color their nails. They also experienced the right to vote for the first time. The fashion was languid, romantic and delicate; the fabric was transparent and silky.
Based on this history, we should try to understand how the 1920’s would be interpreted by the new generations of the millennium. Is it possible that hackers will make contact with extra terrestrial forces? Could the conventional allopathic medicine turn into alternative medicine? Will the spiritual healers have a practice on Park Avenue? Will antibiotics be substituted by florals, herbs and homeopathy? Will a computer be able to do a complete diagnostic of all possible diseases that an individual can develop? Will we be able to communicate with the dead, and the out of the body experiences be finally explained? When Uranus is around, everything is possible, and we can always expect the unexpected.

Uranus in Pisces – What to expect of the 7 years cycle
It is not possible to predict the changes that will occur, because the possibilities are infinite, especially when we are dealing with Uranus…not mentioning the limitless energies of Pisces.

Political and Economic

There could be a partnership of different political parties. A woman could become the president of a country, or occupy a position that until now was dominated by men. This woman could manage her presidency with a lot of sensibility and favoring the less privileged. In the stock market, everything that is related to water, natural gas, ocean, oil, navigation, marine, and medicine could experienced moments of ups and downs, and some products that have been low for quite some time can go up and vice-versa. I have a hunch; I think water could be an excellent investment in the future.

Advancements in medicine and health

This is where will see many transformation and discoveries of new medicines and cures for the most lethal diseases. Pisces rules the feet, and who knows maybe reflexology will open many doors for healing diseases in the future. Drugs, alcohol, tobacco and other substances will be the greatest problem in the next 7 years. There could be a massive prohibition through methods that are not yet known. Organized crime and narcotics can unfortunately expand.

Religion and Spirituality

Pisces is the sign of spirituality, religion and unification. During the passage of the rebellious and revolutionary Uranus in Pisces, people will want to free themselves from all strict or traditional beliefs that can stop them from freeing their subconscious from guilt and fanatic thoughts. The new generation that will lead the world in the future will not permit, for example, the sexual abuse committed against children by members of the Catholic Church. They will also not permit the commercial manipulation of some religions, and much less the blind worship to a God that permits the death of innocent people by terrorist acts. The theme for Uranus is freedom and Pisces is unification.
A universal religion can bring together the spiritual goals for all humanity, and take us to a single God, that can answer our questions, a God without troubles and guilt, a God that understand our imperfections, a God that represents Love. Based on the observation of the past, we can predict what the future has in store for humanity. For example, Pluto, the planet that transform the subconscious of collective groups, is in the sign of Sagittarius, until 2008, whose principles are moral values, ethics, religion and philosophy. The last time Pluto was in this sign together with Uranus in Pisces was between 1752 and 1760, when there was a huge uprising related to traditional religion and the birth of science, causing one of the biggest revolution in the history of the world: the beginning of modern life. All of this started in France, the dominance of Kings and the church was brought down, and human kind started to find many answers in science, and underlying principle started to dominate religious extremism. However, science super seeded ethical values, and now it will unify itself with spirituality, it will be the only pathway to the light and salvation that humanity has been looking for.
As I mentioned before: Uranus (science) rules the sign of Aquarius (science), just as Neptune (spirituality) rules Pisces (spirituality). Neptune is now in Aquarius and Uranus in Pisces, for that reason all of them are having mutual accessibility. Have you ever stop to think that what motivates us materialism? Just like when science creates life through cloning, the implementation of nuclear arms, chemical and biological weapons. The world is close to deep hole, and who knows, maybe our hope is in the passage of Uranus in the sign of Pisces, which can purify the world with the spiritualization of science and/or bring us a scientific explanation for spirituality.
Now we will understand where each one of us will experience “the electric shock of Uranus”, which will certainly wake us to a new and delirious period. 
Pay attention to the houses where Uranus will transit in the next 7 years. If you know your ascendant sign, you will be able to see which house Uranus will visit, counting from the left to the right beginning in the ascendant sign. For example, if you ascendant (1st house) is Libra, Uranus and Pisces will transit the 6th house in your birth chart (1st house Libra, 2nd house Scorpio, 3rd house Sagittarius, 4th house Capricorn, 5th house Aquarius, and 6th house Pisces). If our 1st house is 16º of Libra, Uranus will be in the 5th house, and will only enter the 6th house in approximately 3 1/2 years.

If in your 1st House

You will feel like reinventing, reconstructing and individualizing yourself. Existing problems can present, and pre set definitions created by you can go down the drain. Your individuality will be much more important than your relationships. You will feel like following the rules without the beliefs of others, and the leader will now be you. All the possibilities, both true and false, will be available to you. The choice will be yours. Don’t be surprised if you decide to color your hair red, pierce your eyebrows, or tattoo your arms. You will do everything possible to distinguish yourself from the world. I wonder if you will end up paying a high price for your originality. The astrologer Dane Rudyard once said that “The man who is truly free, don’t make choices, he does what needs to be done”. If you know how to revolutionize your life, you can be the initiator of the changes the world will start to experience.

If in your 2nd House
Money buys almost everything in this life, food, house, cars, comfort, toys trips, etc… This explains why we become unhappy and insecure when our bank account is low, and when the account is high we become proud and powerful. The question is: Do I want to continue to pay a high price to maintain this lifestyle? Can I be a little different and learn how to live without money? Is it worth to have integrity and honesty and no money? You won’t feel the same in this area. The positive aspect is that you could win some money by playing the Lotto, a game in a casino, or receive an unexpected inheritance. You could also have an ingenious idea, and be an instant millionaire. 
The negative aspect is that your house can fall apart, and you have to spend all of your savings to fix it. You could also lose your job, and spend a period of 7 yeas of financial instability. Re-evaluate your relationship with money, and make clear to yourself how far you are willing to go for your financial independence.

If in your 3rd House

All of us are influenced by our parents, in our culture, education, and in the way we see the world and the people around us. Have you ever wonder if the beliefs and ideas set in your mind were created either by your parents or by you? For the first time in your life, you will see the world with your own eyes. Which side would you chose? Radicalism or perception? Even if you trust your point of view, and consider yourself a genius, you’ll enter a gray area that is full of doubts about your reality. Things that never passed through your mind, or that you thought never existed, will become part of your reality. The astrologer Volte wrote, “the erudite is the one that see what no one sees, but is also the one that can see beyond, when all of us can only see the obvious”. Go back to school, start a new class, learn a different language, or go for a master program. Learn! The best inheritance that you can take from this life is your spiritual evolution and knowledge.

If in your 4th House

We all know that our family is responsible for our emotional structure. If we are born to alcoholic parents, we will grow insecure and afraid, if we are born to a noble family, we will grow to be well educated and a snob. Those definitions are based on our roots, race, and color. Have you ever wonder where our true identity lies? How can we find it? The first thing we should do is to move far way from where we grew up, go to another country or a place where we can be far way from our roots. Is it possible to find our true inner self by doing this? Is it possible that I will want to create my own roots, and create my own family? If you live in California, you will probably want to move to Virginia to live a spiritual and non-materialist life, the contrary can also happen, you might feel like leaving your small and quiet town and move to New York City. After you do all of this, you might discover that you are still the same color, and that you continue to eat the same type food… You should certainly change, but change with wisdom, “only the man who knows itself well, can get to know God”.

If in your 5th House

The individuals who don’t have fun are usually depressed, anxious, and carry hurtful energy inside of them. Pleasure, happiness and good laughs are indispensable to our mental and physical health, and for our well being. The rules, responsibilities and obligation can be put aside! This is one of the things that trouble the crazy personality of Uranus. You won’t feel like staying alone… the need of being free as a bird, fall in love, have plenty of sex, and forget about all responsibilities in life will be very strong. You won’t feel like respecting the laws, and won’t permit that others interfere with your freedom. An old love can leave your life because he or she won’t share your rebellious zest for life. This person can be substituted for someone new, different, sensual and exiting, but don’t take this relationship too serious. 
Embrace your change. Can you afford this? Do you have a backup? Do you have all necessary resources to finance this responsibility? The positive side of our responsibility will surpass pre-established limits and will go further than you think. If your career is related to any creative instrument – Bingo! You will win an amazing prize!

If in your 6th House 

Responsibilities, routine and obligations. Be careful with your body, food, and health; those are basic principles that we follow in order to have a normal life. Some people have stable routine: they wake everyday on the same time, they go to work, sit on their desk, and do their work so they can pay the bills at the end of the month. With Uranus now in this sector, you will get tired of this monotonous routine. This could force you to make changes such as leaving your job, open your own business, wake up when you feel like it, and don’t follow any daily routine. The one way or the other, things will change. If your rebellious attitude is strong, you won’t keep up with the mess in your life. If you don’t exercise, and eat too much, your body will let you know that it’s not happy, it can get sick or experience radical changes. Your body will change during this period in accordance with your age. An adolescent will experience the changes leading to adulthood, if you are an adult, you will experience the first signs that your body is no longer the way it was when you were in your 20’s. Get up and get going! Start exercising, do yoga, pilates, take your bike around, eat fruits and vegetables… in summary, take care of your body, because if you don’t he will give you a red card with the word DANGER written on it!

If in your 7th House

Love and freedom don’t walk hand in hand. We are either free and have a boyfriend or girlfriend every week, or we establish a firm relationship with the person we love. Are you ready to pay with solitude the price of freedom? Uranus want freedom and detachment, but you don’t want to be alone. You need the love and attention of others. Are you willing to sacrifice your freedom in the name of love? Where do your personality end, and the personality of others’ begin? Are you projecting your reality in other people? “He loves me, he loves me not” does he or she really loves me?
Are professional relationships, such as partnerships, an agreement with your agent or lawyer fulfilling our expectative or just imposing on your freedom? Do I have a boss or a dictator? All relationships in our life will be questioned and revolutionized with the entrance of Uranus. It is up to you to discover your priorities and limits. Some will get married, others will get divorced – at the end none of your relationships will be the same.

If in your 8th House

We tend to hide inside of us desires related to our sexual wishes, greed and insatiable ambition. When Uranus passes through this transit, an avalanche of hidden and frustrated desires come to surface. If we don’t recognize our truth, who will recognize it? Uranus set everything free for you; it exposes our honest personality. It breaks the chain, and set a famishing tiger free. The more you limit yourself the more savage you become. Are your moral judgments too rigid? Are your sexual desires too different from other individuals? Now you can be judged, and discover what is to be the judge of yourself. 
The money that comes from the pocket of your business partner or the bank can be yours too… You could receive an inheritance, or think that you are getting an inheritance, but at the end get nothing. Any judicial matters against you can take unexpected turns. In your investments, you can lose everything at once, or have a brilliant idea. You spouse can win an unexpected amount of money. If you are getting married, the best thing for you is to share everything you have with your partner. Are you willing o take the risk, and set the tiger free?
If in your 9th House 

While the 4th house refers to family beliefs, the 9th house refers to our culture, language, religion, and our moral and ethical beliefs. What about the other multi-cultures? Is it possible that I am letting society define who I am, or even isolating me from he world? Science, materialism, pessimism, terrorism, spirituality, *cowboysm, socialism, or fascism… where does the answer lies? For example: if you are catholic, are you proud o the behavior of the church? Is the society I live in handling my need for information? Should I have an astrology reading, learn astrology or go to the mass on Sundays? You could feel like changing cultures, moving to another country, or travel everywhere. You can interact with foreign people, go back to school, learn another language, or feel an out of the body experience. However, your knowledge and experience won’t change, even after going further as you can, you won’t permit any changes in your philosophical values. If you are not truthful to your believes, and don’t change the fundamental of your life, Uranus will do the job for you, or at least present you with the possibilities. Uranus will not let your false beliefs capture your soul. 
(* I am refereeing to the American political term involving the hunt for terrorists)
If in your 10th House 

You can hide behind all the other houses, but not the 10th House. Here you are on the stage, underneath the spotlights, without any reservation. In this place you are defined, labeled, judged and executed based on your choices. Good or bad reputation will depend on how you present yourself to the world. Here you will exercise your profession, and show if you have talent or not, and if you think that you have talent or not. When Uranus enters this area, it will change everything that you built in your life. It changes career, reputation, goals, you might start thinking that you chose the wrong profession, have an argument with your boss, and the place where you work can go out of business. However, your business can get stronger unexpectedly, you can start selling your products or services and become famous, or infamous. The message is: navigate to the unknown in order to find the treasure. If you are not happy with your career, just make the appropriate changes! If you are happy, don’t change anything, but try to embrace the new, accept your innovative ideas, change the computer system in your company, buy new software, or simply hire a hacker. Forget about what people think of you, do everything that you want to, because this is your life!
If in your 11th House

All of us have dreams when we are kids. Some follow their dreams, others change half way, and some forget what they dreamed or never dream again. We do millions projects, and when we finish them, we conclude that it wasn’t as fulfilling as we thought. Are we only thinking about the end results, and forgetting about the journey? Now Uranus will make you remember your dreams, or lead you to get to a conclusion that is probably the time to change your dreams, or to simply stop dreaming. Friends stop being friends, as you change your criteria, now your best friend is Rap. You won’t identify yourself with colleagues who use a suit and tie, but you will need to be part of a group, and to feel a sense of belonging. Uranus makes you change groups, friends and dreams, and who knows, maybe now you will finitely be truly happy.
If in your 12th House 

We are born, and then we die. The great mystery of life is that when day we will all die, or is it possible that we don’t die completely? Where do we go? Where did we come from? Past lives, nightmares and future lives. The biggest agony of human kind is not knowing where we come from and where we go from here… Is it possible that our soul possess a magnanimous intelligence to the point of creating a blue print of each life and body that we incarnate? When Uranus transit this house, all doubts about our existence are awaken in our subconscious. Uranus in the 12th house shows us the cruel limitation that captures our soul and body. But we will discover that if we become a part of everything, including groups, energy, and the cosmos, we will then free our soul. Uranus won’t let the Ego survive without total openness, which only happens with the detachment of egoistic traits. Only unconditional love can win over selfness and egoism. You will meditate and go deep into your soul. You will find, analyze, and blame yourself. You will also forgive yourself, and unite with everything in the world, including the angels and GOD!