plutoAbout Pluto

Planets are in constant movement, some faster and others slower. As they circulate through the sky, they enter and leave the signs and make angles with other planets.
Since November 26, 2008 Pluto has been transiting the sign of Capricorn and it will remain until March 23rd 2023.
Pluto is a generational planet, because its movement is slow and influences the whole generation that is born during the period of time it moves through each sign.
Pluto is associated with death, transformation and rebirth. In astrology, death is not limited to physical death, but to all kinds of deaths we experience in our journey on earth.
We consider death as the end of a cycle followed by a process of rebirth that leads to different directions and new goals. Pluto forces us to engage in this process through lost and destruction, which is necessary to impel us to change and evolve.
For instance, when Pluto was transiting the sign of Sagittarius, (From January 1995 to November 2008) it had transformed issues related to education, travel, religion, beliefs, law, politics and international matters.
Pluto also brings to the surface what has been hidden in the underground, in the realms of our sub-consciousness. The secrets, the scandals and the filthiness of our society are unveiled. Terrorism and travel are key words for Pluto in Sagittarius.
Pluto in Sagittarius was responsible for many changes in the way we dealt with religion. The Catholic Church surprised all of us with scandals and revelations about priests, showing how incoherent that religion system is. It was very sad, because what was sacred for us became doubtful and questionable.
Our faith evolved to a higher level of consciousness where we find God within ourselves, not somewhere outside. We are realizing that our negative thoughts are the cause of our illness and diseases and not a punishment sent from a cruel and unmerciful God.
Some of us are already discovering that we are able to heal ourselves and create the reality we wish, with faith and attunement, with our growing process as long as we learn our lessons.
Now, with Pluto in Capricorn there will be a transformation in our spirituality. But for that to happen, the old has to die in order for the new to be born. We will live through the end of religion organized in hierarchy, subservient to dogmas or judgment. We will see the return of a true spirituality based on direct contact of man and God with no intermediaries.
Humanity will be able to develop one global religion based on the humanitarian principles of Aquarius Era, and not on principles of fear, judgment and prejudice.
Capricorn is the sign of the goat, climbing a mountain, following an objective without blinking, without paying attention to what is happening around. The important is to reach a goal while climbing.
It is the 10th sign of astrology, and the ruler planet is Saturn. Saturn rules over politics, government and higher positions of command, like work and laws. It is related to responsibility, perseverance, prudence and sense of duty, which are qualities essential if you want to make it to the top of the mountain. The downside of Capricorn is coldness, resentment, isolation, rigor, discrimination and prejudice.
We know little about the real effects Pluto will have while in Capricorn, since this planet takes 247 years to go back to a sign. We would need to go back in History to comprehend its effects on mankind, and even so it wouldn’t be the same, since other planets were in different signs. Astrology examines the whole and not isolated facts. We can only guess what effects there could be. Both the positive and negative sides will be manifested.
Possibly we will see most significant changes in religion, since the process has already started while Pluto was in Sagittarius. We may arrive at the end of the divide of mankind because of religion.
Divide, which has triggered terrorist acts, based on the ideology that “My God is the only fair God and your God is wrong” We will live through the disappearing of hierarchical authority and we will take on responsibility for our lives. Paternalism will be replaced by individual choices independent of sex.
There will be a new order for humanity. Politics will evolve to establish a more humanitarian approach. 
 Capricorn represents ancestors, the old and mature. We may live through the highest rate of mortality of people over 60. There will be changes related to health insurance, retirement, and protection to the elders. Please note that this article was written in 2008. Barack Obama has become THAT president who is more of a humanitarian and he has changed health insurance.
Pluto will question all traditional values of Capricorn, will swipe the garbage of hypocrisy, will restructure working laws and create new job opportunities. 

 Speaking about jobs, it will be 15 years of hard working focusing on the serious things of life.
When Pluto ends its passage through Capricorn in 2023 and enters the humanitarian Aquarius, possibly we will see a much better world, an universal consciousness, equality, fraternity to bridge the journey towards the spiritual sign of Pisces, manifesting unconditional love between all living people on earth independent of color, religion, or political party.

Pluto is not a planet anymore!

Pluto was downgraded, and the number of planets on the solar system is again 8. Pluto, the one that was known for seven decades as the 9th and most distant planet orbiting around the Sun, now is only a minor planet.
The main question was not about Pluto’s mass, which is less than the moon, but its orbit. Pluto needed to be dominant in its orbit, but it moves along with Neptune, which is 20 times bigger.
“Pluto is dead. Finally and officially there is 8 planets on our Solar System,” said North American Mike Brown, from California Institute of Technology in a press conference. “And we will have many hundreds of minor planets.” One of which Xena discovered by him in 2005 which helped raise the issue regarding what is really a planet.
Discovered in 1930 by North American Clyde Tombaugh (1906-1997) in Lowell observatory in Arizona, Pluto was soon after considered a planet. Initial observations considered it much bigger than its real size. New discoveries, especially the ones unveiled last decade about transneptunian bodies with similar characteristics, led the scientists to conclude that Pluto should never had been called a planet.
Nasa launched New Horizon spacecraft in a voyage to Pluto last year. Expectations are the spacecraft will reach its destiny in 2015.
The individual who has an aligned soul is conscious of his immortality and knows that the reincarnation process is continuous in life. The integration of “Pluto’s process” is a gift that should be welcome to our lives. In any circumstance Pluto is part of the Solar System and we can’t avoid its intense and powerful influence.
All of us have somehow been witness or been affected by the most negative energies of Pluto. But remember Pluto also has among its secrets, and it has many, the power to transform whatever is considered dead, final or lost. Regeneration and renovation are among the greatest gifts of death, both in a cosmic level as well as in a human level.

Readers should be wondering: “ How does this new category fit in relation to astrology?”
The answer is: downgrading Pluto to a minor planet will have no impact in astrology. All astrologers will continue to use Pluto as they always used, as a celestial body that trigger necessary transformations in our lives.
The fact that Pluto represents death, regeneration and rebirth already answers the question. 
 However, only time will tell in which ways Pluto will regenerate in this universe of multiple possibilities.
Read how Pluto in Capricorn until 2023 will influence your sign. Also read your rising sign.

Pluto in Capricorn for Aries:

For you Aries, sign of fire, while Pluto was in Sagittarius also a sign of fire, transiting on your 9th house, the house of international affairs, philosophy, graduate studies and spirituality, was a relatively easy period that helped an important evolution in your life. If your ascending sign is Aries, you will live through the same energies.
Now is time to work! Pluto in Capricorn will enter your house of career, and that was all you needed to acquire POWER, and dive deep into your career.
The 10th house is also the house of the mother in a woman’s map and the house of the father in a man’s map. Therefore this is a good moment to learn with your parents, and be a great professional success. Learn from them what they’ve done right and don’t repeat what they’ve done wrong. Pluto in the 10th house requires that you be extra careful and correct at work. Any politically incorrect move, can take you from your throne.
If you are in the wrong career (the one that your soul didn’t choose because it wouldn’t help you develop your true potential) is time to go back to school and choose the career you always dreamed of, and deep down in your heart you know which one it is.
If you act accordingly, you will have plenty of professional success for the next 14 years

Pluto in Capricorn for Taurus:

For you Taurus, while Pluto was in transit through your 8th house, the house of sex, other people’s money, death and rebirth, you must have had problems with taxes, credit card debts, inheritance and sharing. Your partner may have gained a lot of money and so you benefited from it as well. Or may be you lost money due to your partner’s irresponsibility. If your ascending sign is Taurus, you will live through the same energies.

Now with Pluto in Capricorn, an earth sign like yours, therefore in trine with your Sun in Taurus, be sure you will harvest what you have planted and took care all these years.
May be you will decide to go back to school, may be you will move to another country, or want to learn another language and learn about other cultures.
Your beliefs and philosophy of life will be recycled. You will only believe in what make sense to you. The main concept will be objectivity and specific directions.
If you are a lawyer, you may become very famous and respected, if you are a writer, you may launch a book and be very successful. There is also a dark side to all planetary effects, but in your case, since there is compatibility between both signs, your evolution will be constant without major challenges. But don’t become too enigmatic in relation to your philosophies or you may risk look arrogant and judgmental.
Be flexible and understand that people think differently. They are not necessarily wrong just because they think different.

Pluto in Capricorn for Gemini:

For you dear Gemini, Pluto will leave your 7th house, house of relationships, and that will be a relief in your life. If your rising sign is in Gemini you will live through the same energies.
Do you remember the movie “The Roses War” with Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner? Does it look familiar to you?
There were years of fight for power on your marriage. You must have been manipulated and have suffered injustice from your partner. If you are single you must have looked for love with magnifying glasses, and didn’t find anything worth pursuing. Quite the opposite you must have found the underworld of human nature.
Of course not all Gemini had this experience, some of you must have been yourselves th

e villain with your partner. If your marriage survived the stress, it is a sign you won and learned another lesson in your life.
Now Pluto will move to your 8th house, the house of sex, death and rebirth, taxes, divorce and inheritances. You won’t necessarily get divorced. The worse that could happen already did. But if you are going through a divorce, you may live either side. Either you gain power, and are in charge or the other will take away everything you’ve worked hard to build.
There are chances you will come out as a winner. You sex fantasies will make you ashamed of yourself. But don’t worry; they are only fantasies no one will know.

Be sure that your taxes are rightly paid.

Pluto in Capricorn for Cancer:

For you Cancer, your last years were years of lots of stress at work. You must have had a domineering boss.
If your rising sign is Cancer you will live the same energies. You survived or not, or you changed jobs, learned and evolved through this passage of Pluto in Sagittarius in your house of work. May be you changed jobs in hopes that you would have a less controlling boss, but the problems continued.
A lot of you may have spent the years fighting against some physical condition, or may have had surgery, but the universe wanted you to change a habit that was prejudicial to your health. Now you learned the lesson and evolved.
Pluto will enter Capricorn, your opposite sign and will transit through your 7th house, house of relationships.
This house shows how you deal with relationships, and with Pluto 13 years in it, it is time to look deep within yourself and find out what you need to change in order to deal better with people, especially your husband/wife, your partner or people you have some kind of commitment.
Your “maneuvers” will not have effect upon your partner anymore. He/she will not accept control and manipulation, or if you married a tyrant, you will not accept a passive role in the relationship anymore.
Pluto will swipe your life of people who do not belong anymore to your evolution. Relationships that have been years with problems will definitely be eliminated. Try a dialog and if both parties are willing to cooperate in changing the patterns of the relationship that are wrong, you will both and together make and incredible evolution.
If you are single, unless you are very well adjusted and have no psychological problems, you may go a few years without a relationship that works and fulfills your expectations. A lot of people will pass through your life, and all of them will be agents of change from which you will learn a lot.
The best is to be self reflective, or start therapy; in order to learn how to deal with yourself first, and than you will learn how to live together with someone. When Pluto leaves this area 15 years from now, you will have gone through one of the biggest personal transformations in this life.

Pluto in Capricorn for Leo:

For you dear Leo, Pluto has transited through your house of love, children and creativity for 12 years. If your rising is Leo, you will live through the same energies.
During this period, you may have developed some great talent that was asleep within yourself. Some of you Leo had kids, other decided not to have kids this life, and others had to accept the fact that they can’t have children. You must have learned tough lessons about love.
You may have lived through periods in which kids grow up, and parents have to accept that they won’t be in charge of their destiny. If you were reasonable, there was no drama. But if you were reluctant in accepting your children’s individuality than you might have had serious problems with them.
Now Pluto will be in house of health and work, in the earth sign of Capricorn.
Attention with your health, because Pluto will bring to the surface illnesses caused by emotional unbalance. You should see a doctor to be certain that you are in good health. Do you know what makes our body sick? It is the accumulation of negative energies. Negative thoughts, fear and lack of trust in yourself weaken your immunological system and leave you prone to illnesses.
Change this scenario! Change to the positive side. Don’t think about negative stuff. Try to keep your thoughts positive. Don’t say bad things about people. Don’t make negative statements. Don’t judge not to be judged by the universe, and don’t let fear lead your life. Learn to talk to your body, be nice to your body, and change habits that aren’t good to your health.
Some more evolved Leos may reach even higher levels at work, like be the president of a company, or learn about talents you didn’t know you had. Others may have to confront challengers. But this will only happen if you are behind in your evolution process, and the universe will want you to become a better person, more conscious of your role in society. You boss may became manipulative or create a lot of tension in your work environment.
At the end of this 15-year period you may be cured of a chronic physical condition or you may become a very important person professionally or spiritually.

Pluto in Capricorn for Virgo:

For you dear Virgo, Pluto just finished transiting you area of family, domestic life and your family roots. If your rising is Virgo you will live the same energies.
Some Virgo may have lost someone important in the family, or may have had a difficult divorce that in the end made you learn several lessons, but gave you power and control over your life.
Congratulations! You just ended a very important part of the journey towards your evolution. This house where Pluto was transiting is a cardinal house therefore very important.
Now Pluto is transiting your 5th house, in the sign of Capricorn, a sign very compatible with yours, since it makes a trine with your Sun. This sector is the area of kids; creativity, love and Pluto will be there for 15 years. It is time for your older child to leave your house, and go live on his own, away from the hierarchical power of the family. It will be better if you understand and support this decision not to push him away from you. Accept what you can’t change!
Some Virgos may take very radical decisions in relation to your children, or decide that it is time to have kids, or even decide to have a procedure to permanently avoid pregnancy. The important thing to know is that the universe has the power not you.
Take this period to search inside yourself for the unexpected. Learn to love without controlling the object of your affection or you may lose he/she forever. You may live very intense passions, so intense that will hardly let you breath.
But the next 15 years will be easier than the past ones.

Pluto in Capricorn for Libra:

For you Libra, Pluto has been transiting you area of communications, the mind, siblings and short trips for the past 15 years. If your rising is Libra you will live the same energies.
When Pluto entered you 3rd house, you must have felt like a bomb was dropped in your head. This bomb may have exploded or imploded. If it imploded you were able to express talents you didn’t know you had like writing.
If the exploded, you lost control and needed therapy to put things back in place.
A brother or sister may have had serious problems, or you may have lost a brother or sister very dear to you, and this represented a big transformation in your personal journey.
Now Pluto will enter your area of family, roots and your ancestors, your domestic life and your parents. This area also corresponds to your emotions and the base for them. This will be a very important moment in your life. You will have to reorganize you bases, your structure. This will be a good time to revisit what you have learned with you mom (for a men) or your dad (for women.)

Since our parents represent the first challenges we encounter to make us stronger in whatever we need to learn, it is possible the next 15 years you will question what is your emotional baggage. You may want to make changes even if you have to confront your internal mother or father, or the real ones. This will be the only way to create your own foundations, organized according to your choices. This is a great time to go to therapy or have a natal chart reading, by an astrologer, so that you can know yourself better. Knowledge is power, and this is what Pluto wants from you when transiting through this house.

Empowerment! You may lose an old relative, and this loss will teach you that life is a constant evolution of birth, death and regeneration. You may decide to move out of your parents’ house, or move to another country.

Pluto in Capricorn for Scorpio:

For you Scorpio, Pluto your ruler, spent over 15 years in your house of money. You must have had all kinds of financial problems, didn’t you? If your rising is Scorpio, you will live the same energies.
Some of you may have lost big sums of money, others may have been fired, and others had to pay more taxes than expected. These years must have been really cruel years to your personal finances.
This is Pluto. It swipes, takes away, destroys so that we can grow stronger. You understand this process very well since Pluto rules Scorpio, and the principles are more or less the same. Now Pluto will spend the next 15 years in your house of siblings, short trips, communications and mind. The first years, you may feel some mind pressure, that will not mean more than an organic necessity to change patterns of communication. Only you will be able to figure out the signals. They could range from an urge to learn more to become more powerful in your area or to write things you have been keeping for a long time hidden in your mind. Or it could be a desire to confront your own truths or to confront a sibling that tried to control you for years. Pluto wants you to change the way you communicate with people in general.
When you take short trips be sure your car or whatever transportation you take, are in good condition. Avoid trips to dangerous and underground places.
All of a sudden a sibling will need you a lot, or many childhood issues may come up to the surface. You will feel it is time to confront these feelings and sort them out for good.
In the end of this 15-year journey, you may find many hidden talents in your mind that will bring you power and control over your life.

Pluto in Capricorn for Sagittarius:

For you dear Sagittarius it is the end of one of the most challenging periods in your existence. If your rising is Sagittarius, you will leave the same energies.
Pluto has transited through your sign or on your rising, and have turned you up side down, inside out…It wasn’t easy, but now you have a lot more power to deal with any situation, even if it is the most challenging one. You evolved a lot in these 12 years. Congratulations!!
I bet you suffered a lot, but also have healed psychological patterns that brought evolution to your soul. Only God know how many generations prior to yours these patterns have been lived and the universe gave to you the responsibility to change these familiar patterns and start a new line in your family history. It was serious but you survived!
Now Pluto is entering the sign of Capricorn in your house of money… I know what you are thinking, no, no, no… These years will not be as challenging as the previous 15 years, not even close. The previous house was a cardinal house, therefore more significant in your chart, with tougher lessons.
Now you need to recycle the way you deal with money, to give to it the right importance it should have, not more, not less, than it should have. Remember that your power does not need to be compared to the balance on your bank account. If you think otherwise, the universe will show you that it is not quite like that.
The true values are in your feelings, people you have around you and what they mean to you, you talents, your caring for the ones you love, your generosity, your capacity to help others in need, these are the true treasures.
The first years you may lose a job that guaranteed you a paycheck at the end of the month. You may lose part of your wealth, or may have to pay something that was not planned. May be because someone in the family got sick and you have to pay for an expensive surgery, and for that you may have to sell your apartment. You may be robbed, cash or jewelry, or have losses in a bad investment. The possibilities are many, but whatever it is, Pluto’s intention is to motivate you to find hidden treasures within yourself, talents that have not been developed, and at the end of this 15 year journey, you may find way to really become rich or at least with expectations to become rich in the future.
Pluto takes away from you, in order to make you search for inner resources and become stronger, and more confident and powerful in life. After all aren’t we here to evolve?

Pluto in Capricorn for Capricorn:

For you dear Capricorn, the last 15 years were relatively calm, since Pluto was in your area of subconscious, where the secrets of the soul are kept. If your rising is Capricorn, you will live the same energies. Someone must have worked behind the curtains and when you woke up you fell victim of a diabolic plan.
Did you figure out who this person was?
Now Pluto the master of big transformations in our lives, the one that engender changes in our soul, will enter your sign Capricorn.
For Capricorn rising it will be the same. Pluto will turn you up side down, inside out…. It will implode inside you, challenging your patterns of behavior, your system of beliefs, until you become STRONG and with total control over your life. Will it be easy? No, it won’t help lie to you. But in the end of these 15 years you will be many steps ahead in your evolution, with complete power over yourself and understanding your existence from a different level.
Pluto in our lives has the role to transform and help us find our true treasure. Unfortunately we only learn when we suffer. You only remember you have a leg when you fall and hurt your knee. Have you noticed how many times in your life you have stopped to look at your legs? Only when you forgot waxing and it scared you. Only when you fall, get hurt and you have to get medicated is that you look at that part of your body.
The 1st house, where Pluto will be transiting, is the house of your psychological and physical body. Therefore pay a lot of attention in yourself, examine your behavior with magnifying glasses and CHANGE the attitudes that are not aligned with the universe.
At the end of this 15 year period I guarantee, you will be feeling the most powerful of the zodiac….But be careful not to become an authoritarian who wants to manipulate and control people around you. This is already Pluto’s role, not yours!

Pluto in Capricorn for Aquarius:

For you dear Aquarius and the ones born with Aquarius rising, the last 15 years, you lived big changes and personal transformation through the structure of a group, which you belong. It was easy because changing with your generation brings a greater sense of security than when you change alone.
Of course different people have different lessons to learn, but these change were within a context of a group.
During these past 15 years, you may have lost a friend, or you may have had a fight with someone you like deeply that you lived many happy moments with and may be all of a sudden you took different paths. Or that great friend whom you used to share your happiness and sadness who is not there anymore for you, pushing you into find inner strength to deal on your own with your life’s issues, and to make your decisions on your own, based only on your experiences.
Pluto in the house of friends taught you to develop your emotional values in relation to them.
Aquarius prefers the company of friends even more than being in their own company. But these past 15 years you could not count with your friends. Some of you were victims of controlling and manipulative friends, and you had to confront them, or you may have played the authoritarian role in one of your friend’s life.
Now Pluto will move to your 12th house, the house of the subconscious, the under world and all that hides behind our conscious mind. Your childhood traumas, memories of past lives, problems you have been putting underneath the rug and of course hidden enemies, they meet here in this house.
The 12th house also deals with spirituality, with faith and all that does not belong to the material world. Are you ready for a profound internal change? If you are not, you should hurry, and look inside yourself. Your transformations will be at the level of unconscious but you need to act so that in 15 years from now, when Pluto enters your 1st house, you don’t have to live through difficult challenges, losses and personal chaos. Seek therapy. If you can’t, be available to reflect upon yourself, examine your behavior in all aspects, reassess your actions and refashion yourself internally.
If you have a big ego, if you think your problems are bigger than everyone else’s… It is time to change dear Aquarius. If you believe your existence is only about matter, you may live through big clashes in search of spirituality, comfort and help within yourself. If you put enough effort in changing from inside out, you will, for sure, find many talents and inner resources you never used and now they can be very helpful in a life where you will be more connected with your inner self, with God, and universal and unconditional love.

Pluto in Capricorn for Pisces:

For you dear Pisces and the ones who have Pisces rising, you just finished a very challenging period in your career.
Pluto transited through your 10th house for the past 15 years. These were 15 years of efforts, challenges, and you needed to search for all the inner resources you had to deal with the challenges you faced in your profession.
If you did something not politically correct, you had problems. The universe had to show you through the hard way, how important it is to respect the rights of other people and be ethical in your actions.
Some Pisces lost their throne or lost all they had, and had to start a career all over again. Others tried with no success to open a new business and had to deal with obstacles and failures. But if you are doing what your soul needs to develop in this life, you sure did have a lot of professional success and reached a higher level of respect.
Those Pisces who worked with healing energies are the ones who took the most advantage of Pluto’s energies in this area of career, since Pluto is the master of healing, cellular renovation and rebirth.
Now Pluto will enter the house of friends and groups, house of dreams and life projects.
The next 15 years, your transformation will be connected to your generation. You will need to follow an ideology you believe in and make sense to you, and be with people that have the same beliefs. Some friends that could be prejudicial in your life will leave you. You will notice a change in your circle of friendships. As for dreams…. Yes it is time to reassess them and bet on those, which are in line with your spiritual growth and with your soul wishes. Reevaluate your dreams and plant new seeds, dear Pisces.
Now your path is free to develop anything you want in your career if you learned all lessons that Pluto taught in the last 15 years. Think a lot about everything that happened and learn from the challenges and mistakes. 

Remember dear Pisces, inflexibility is the biggest enemy of success and 
accomplishments. People fail because they are not willing to change.
At the end of this journey of 15 years, you will be reborn with even more noble values and you will discover the most wonderful person that resides within you, waiting to be let out to turn your life into a nicer one.