Mercury Retrograde

Don’t Panic! Mercury is retrograde. Don’t ever let anyone scare you with the words “Mercury retrograde.” Mercury in retrograde motion is not something we should fear. It’s something we need to tune into it.

First, let’s learn more about Mercury, and what Mercury retrograde means.  This celestial body requires 88 days to make a complete pass around the Sun.

Mercury is the planet of communication and the thinking process.

As an astrologer, I am concerned with deeper and psychological influences and how this planetary movement synchronizes with human behavior, and I leave the concerns of the mechanical movements of the planets to the astronomers.

What exactly is Mercury Retrograde?

As the nearest planet to the Sun and the Earth, if we circle the Sun along with all the other planets, each planet periodically appears to stop and then reverse direction in the sky. It never actually moves in reverse, it just looks that way from our terrestrial vantage point.

Imagine, you are on a train that is passing another train, and in comparison to the mountains in the distance, it seems as if that other train is moving backwards.

That’s what Mercury retrograde is, an optical illusion of sorts.

This movement happens every four months, for approximately three weeks.

If we think about it, our brains are like a computer inside water. Mercury has a particular influence (it emits frequencies like all other planets) over our nervous system, perception, understanding, interpretation and expression. Therefore, we are directly connected with this process and everything that happens in our lives is part of a process of self-envelopment. Around any process lies the meaning and reason for us; if only we could piece together the parts and see through the veil of the outer circumstances.

What Mercury retrograde can do and what we should learn:

Misunderstandings and Miscommunication

Communication may get snarled up, messages may be misunderstood, whispers may be overheard, and mail, texts or email may be misdirected.

All misunderstandings challenge us to examine our word-imagery, so we do not continue to take our communication style and content for granted. It’s a chance to learn to be more attentive to what we think, hear, say, or perhaps think of how we might be perceived by another person before we act. When a text or email is misdirected, it is always someone’s mistake.

Machines, CD players, I phones, I pods and I pads, computers, cars, telephones and other electrical and mechanical products might show malfunction. When Mercury is retrograde, things that are about to break… well, they break. This might be caused by not properly using the machine, or not using the machine at all for a long period of time (sometimes machines need some maintenance).

The Engineering Department at Princeton University has produced some research results showing that human thought can influence logic in computer chips. So we could drive these machines a little harder or hit a button to make it go faster or more often. If you are planning to take a road trip for instance, it would be wise to take your car for a tune-up before you go. Schedule it well in advance, or don’t blame Mercury retrograde if the mechanic finds a broken part, and it won’t be available for three weeks.

Those problems can teach us to learn patience, focus, and that some things must be taken care. Keep your computer backups current so you don’t lose your data.

Flights can be canceled, luggage can be lost, and mail can be misdirected. But, remember, that delays also occur outside of the Mercury retrograde period and while some delays are avoidable, some are not.

What should we do during Mercury retrograde?

Reconsider plans previously made. Rewrite documents that you thought were complete. Reconsider a decision. Redo projects. Review plans. Revisit completed jobs. Reorganize your desk or files. Reevaluate your life.

Look in your closet and see what needs to be recycled or thrown out. Pick up your address book, and think about who you haven’t talked to for a long time. Think of this as a time for makeovers, do-overs, reruns and renewals. If you’ve done something before, this is a great time to do it again. Remember, Mercury retrograde wants us to redo things that we thought were done. Take the time to be introspective and to look at the details of your life more carefully.

If we approach the tasks with the understanding that the universe is giving us another chance, you get it right, then our attitude can remain positive, instead of dwelling on what went wrong. Astrological prediction is to increase, not limit our choices.

Some advice:

Ancient texts warn us not to sign contracts while the Winged Messenger is running back in the heavens. And “new age astrologers” warn us not to buy a computer or any machines either. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

How it affects you.

The house where Mercury retrogrades in your chart can show the areas of your life in which you will be mostly affected.

Take a look at your natal chart to see how Mercury retrograding will influence your life. Below are suggestions of what to do and not to do during this period.

First House – Look in the mirror and see if you like your appearance. Recreate your image or go back to an old hairstyle, get new clothes, or change the way you approach other people.

Second House – Reconsider the ways you chose to earn your money. Are you happy with everything you have? Should you start thinking about saving more money in order to avoid having problems with paying your debts, or maybe you need to be less attached to your material possession?

Third House – Pay attention to the way you communicate. This is the area ruled by Mercury and where most affects your communication with others and it can deeply influence your way of thinking and your nervous system. Avoid speaking before you think. Don’t schedule trips during this period. Don’t forget to do a checkup on your electronic and mechanical machines, and back up your computer.

Fourth House – Redecorate your home, and if necessary, change the furniture around or repaint the walls. Try changing old childhood or family standards that no longer match your personality and confuse you emotionally. Call your parents, go for a visit or change the way you communicate with them.

Fifth House – Recreate everything in your life, even if you think everything is complete. Call an “ex” lover. Evaluate your relationship with your children, and visit the ones who live far way.

Sixth House – Organize your work desk, and throw away everything that you don’t have any use for anymore. Analyze your current projects, and rearrange your routine. Improve your health, and change your diet if necessary. Ask your doctor for a check up.

Seventh House – Change the type of people that you hang out with, or change your relationship standards. Call your “ex” spouse, or reconstruct your marriage. Don’t select a wedding date because you may regret it later. Don’t even think about getting married when Mercury retrogrades. You should also not start a partnership; hire a lawyer or a new agent. However do contact or hire someone who worked for or with you in the past.

Eight House – Rethink a decision that you’ve made. Go back to a closed chapter in your life. Reinvest your money. Redo a partnership. Make love with an “ex” that still lives in your heart. Rejuvenate and restart.

Ninth House – Reevaluate your standards. Brush up or learn something again. Redo a thesis that you prepared for college. Call a former professor. Reschedule travel plans, but don’t travel to another country during this period.

Tenth House – Reevaluate your value system regarding power and success. Reanalyze your career. Don’t ask your boss for a pay increase during this period. Don’t start a new career unless you have already worked in the same field in the past.

Eleventh House – Call friends that you have not seen in a long time. Reevaluate your dreams, or go back and revive an old one that you gave up on a long time ago.

Twelfth House – Take a look inside yourself, meditate and refine your intuitive awareness with the Cosmos. Evaluate your internal barriers, and do something to change them. Renew your faith, and strengthen it.

Plan your year ahead

Mercury Retrograde calendar.



From February 6th to 28th 2014 in Aquarius and Pisces

From June 7th to July 1st 2014 in Gemini and Cancer

From October 4th to 25th 2014 in Libra and Scorpio



From January 21st to February 11th 2015 in Aquarius

From May 18th to June 11th 2015 in Gemini

From September 17th to October 9th 2015 in Libra