taurusIf You’re a Taurus and he or him is…

Aries: You couldn’t be more different—totally incompatible.

Taurus: You can get along well and also have a solid relationship.

Gemini: He won’t put up with your stability and calmness. You don’t see eye to eye.

Cancer: Your other half—a very harmonious relationship.

Leo: Your needs are very different. Your discreet personality will conflict with his need to be the center of attention.

Virgo: Perfect combination! You are very alike.

Libra: You could have a pleasant relationship in the beginning but with time, you won’t tolerate Libra’s indecision.

Scorpio: Even though you’re opposites, you can have a fascinating sex life, but you have to teach him to be more honest and he has to teach you to “let it go.”

Sagittarius: You have to work hard for this relationship to work. It can be difficult for you to understand Sagittarius’s need for freedom.

Capricorn: Intuitively, you both understand each other very well and together you can build an empire.

Aquarius: There is plenty of attraction at first, but with little chance of lasting.

Pisces: Perfect combination. The relationship can be gentle and romantic.

How to Seduce a Taurus 

THE Taurus Women: They are very feminine and sensual. It is hard to resist them, but take your time. Their sensuality are in their skin, touch and scent. They like to be loved gradually, and with class.

THE Taurus Men: They have a very sensual touch. They are sexy and balanced. In order to seduce them you have to be very charming, offer security and let him take the lead. Be prepared to experience long hours of passionate lovemaking.

The ideal gift for Taurus

Taurus love luxury, comfort fine food and drink. They love craftsmanship and they have a very PRACTICAL nature.  Don’t buy them anything in a hurry, they will intuitively know and be very offended.

Taurus Gals: Enjoy luxurious clothing, a soft dress or a soft cashmere sweater would be a good choice.

Concert tickets, a Broadway show or dinner for two at a very fine restaurant.

A box of fine chocolates and a diamond ring would make your Taurus lover very happy.

Taurus Guys: If he collects things, find something unique that he doesn’t have yet like a fine piece of art. A soft sweater or a comfortable chair for the office would be well received. Cook a special dinner for him and have a romantic candlelit dinner.