scorpioScorpio 10/23 – 11/21
If you’re a Scorpio and he or she is…
Aries: A passionate relationship but it can also be a little tense.

Taurus: Fascinating! There is a lot of attraction in this relationship. You are very different but could certainly complement each other.

Gemini: Not a good choice! He is too superficial for you. He won’t understand your overprotective feelings and intense emotions.

Cancer: This could be the most solid and sexy combination of all.

Leo: This could be a passionate, vibrant, and strong relationship. I wonder if you have enough energy! Very exciting!

Virgo: You can learn a lot with him, but are you sure that you want that much discipline in your life?

Libra: Very interesting! A very sensual and passionate relationship, you get along well in your love life.

Scorpio: An atomic explosion! There is a strong bond and mutual respect here.

Sagittarius: A difficult combination that could be wonderful in the beginning, but you’re very different with the exception of your sex life. Sagittarius can leave you exhausted by numerous activities. He can get upset with your need for freedom and independence.

Capricorn: Both of you are determined to succeed and get to the top. You appreciate Capricorn’s obsession.

Aquarius: It will be hard to maintain this relationship. You are too intense for Aquarius. He’s not attached to anything and won’t understand your overprotective manner.

Pisces: A delightful relationship! Fantastic! He will take you to places that you never went before but always dreamed about it.

How to Seduce a Scorpio

The Scorpio Women: They are mysterious, sexy and powerful. Don’t even think about invading their intimacy, because they will invade yours when you least expect. They are very intense. Show your love to them, but add a little of suspense.
The Scorpio Men: They are very powerful, sexy and mysterious, but also very jealous. Making them open up to you can be very challenging. Passionate sex is very important to them.

The ideal gift for Scorpio

Scorpios love mystery, sex and to be in power. Don’t even think about an obvious valentines night, create a little suspense. They are very INTENSE!
Scorpio Gals: Send an envelope with a key and an address of a hotel with a note: “see you there at 10 pm” you are going to make her thrilled and in love with you forever! Give her black leather pants and a whip; they love to have the power! They love sexy black lingerie, the ones your mother would think is not appropriate for a lady to wear.
Scorpio Guys: He would be happy if you gave him a hot sexual performance, like an unforgettable lap dance. He would love designer underwear or a ticket for two to watch a strip tease show. Buy him a black outfit, the sexiest one you can find, or get him a gold chain that hangs down to his sexy hairy chest.