PiscesIf you’re an Pisces and he or she is…

ARIES: You are very sensitive for him. They won’t understand your sensibility, and that can hurt you.

TAURUS: Perfect combination! They are easy going and like your sensibility. They can give you structure and protection.

GEMINI: Two empty bags don’t stand up. You are very unsure
and disorganized. It would be very difficult to start this relationship.

CANCER: This could be one of the most receptive and romantic relationship in the zodiac.

LEO: You will fulfill all of his dreams, and love him just the way he likes.

VIRGO: You will compliment and help each other; Virgo will also make you more responsible.

LIBRA: Both of you will need to work really hard to make this relationship work. It can work well sexually, but there will be many disagreements, just like if both of you are speaking a different language.

SCORPIO: A relationship made in heaven, there will be many plenty of romance. You won’t mind the jealousy of Scorpio, because that will make you feel special.

SAGITTARIUS: They can hurt you. They also won’t understand your sadness, or your tears when you are watching ‘My Girl’

CAPRICORN: They are too materialist for you, and only think about working and making money, while you are thinking about the women in Afghanistan and homeless children.

AQUARIUS: You can feel very attractive to them, because they are fun to be with….but they can also hurt your feelings.

PISCES: A truly spiritual combination! But someone will have to worry about paying the rent at the end of the month…

How to Seduce a Pisces

The Pisces Women: They are very sensible, sensitive, romantic, and spiritual. Let her tell you about her dreams, and expose her feelings. Never tell her “OK let’s get back to reality”. Take her to magic and romantic places, such as waterfalls. The Pisces Men: They are romantic, artistic and sensitive. You can fall in love with them very fast. Be careful not to hurt his feelings, and don’t be materialist. Captivate his heart because making love with him is like heaven on earth.

The ideal gift for Pisces

Pisces are sensitive and artistic people. Pisces are very romantic and emotionally insecure, so they need your constant reassurance that you love them. They love anything that makes them cry, that can touch their heart. Pisces are very SPIRITUAL. Pisces Gals: A day in a spiritual SPA would make her so happy, schedule a shiatsu massage, chakras cleaning or polarity therapy to balance the meridians, even if you don’t know what it means. She would love a see through camisole or a pair of shoes; make sure the gift is beautiful and sexy. Pisces Guys: They are very artistic and have an eye for photography. Give him a camera, or an artistic picture from one of his favorite photographers. A puppy would make them really happy, they love to take care of animals. Buy two tickets for a music concert or an iTunes gift certificate, they love music.