LibraIf you’re a Libra and he or she is…
Aries: You are opposite. You can make things work if your Aries learns to share and understand what goes into a relationship.

Taurus: You may be attracted to each other in the beginning but over time, the relationship loses its power.

Gemini: Your other half. The relationship is intellectually strong. You understand the variations in each other’s personality.

Cancer: This relationship is irresistible! Both of you are caring, sensible, refined, and really enjoy married life.

Leo: A relationship full of life. There will be plenty of love and sensuality.

Virgo: You are very different. You are outgoing which can really annoy your Virgo partner.

Libra: You two are carbon copies of one another.

Scorpio: Very interesting partnership, with strong sexual powers. You will love the passionate side of Scorpio.

Sagittarius: You’re at ease with the relaxed Sagittarius. This could be a very successful relationship if you can let your freedom go a little.

Capricorn: Too serious for you. He’s not romantic and always worried about work and making money.

Aquarius: Incredible combination! He’s perfect for you. Be prepared for a very active social life.

Pisces: You’d both have to work really hard to make this relationship work. But you can probably adapt fairly easily to one another and make the relationship a success.

How to Seduce a Libra

The Libra Women: They are very sensual and feminine. There is always a line of bachelors after her. They like to get married. Send her sexy lingerie or invite her to a nice home cooked dinner. I bet she will accept the invitation first hand. Make sure to have aromatherapy candles and flowers in your house. Don’t forget play a nice song.
The Libra Men: They are very charming, refined and a gentleman. They prefer to have a stable relationship than to be single. They like the progression of seduction. When you go out with him, dress sexy, use a nice perfume, and be feminine. Convince him that you are the best partner in his life.

The ideal gift for Libra

Libras love beauty, comfort and elegance. They are SENSUAL and they have a waiting line of charming  bachelors. Who doesn’t want to be loved by a Libra?

Libra Gals: They love any lingerie that is smooth and soft in pink or white colors. Propose to her and she will be thrilled! Give her flowers in a beautiful and elegant wrapping and they will love it.
A delicate fragrance, that smells like jasmine or lillies would satisfy as well.

Libra Guys: They love music, so an iTunes gift card or an iPod would make them thrilled. Buy two tickets for a music concert.
Invite him for dinner, and have candlelight and music to create the right atmosphere, that would make them feel like they are in heaven and of course you, as the dessert, should be wrapped in smooth and fine lingerie (presentation is everything for them).