If you’re a Gemini and he or she is…

Aries: Wonderful combination. Don’t think twice.

Taurus: You just don’t agree. He won’t like your lack of punctuality.

Gemini: Super! You speak the same language.

Cancer: There is lots of attraction here! You can bring plenty of vivacity and enthusiasm to the calm Cancer, but it won’t be easy to get used to his routine.

Leo: This can be a very interesting romance. You will find Leo to be very funny.

Virgo: He’s a little too busy for your taste and might not be good company to go out and have fun.

Libra: True love. There will be a lot of communication and exchange of ideas.

Scorpio: Totally incompatible. He might find you too superficial.

Sagittarius: Great combination. You understand each other well.

Capricorn: You can accept each other, but he’s a bit too stubborn for you.

Aquarius: Perfect combination. You can be very good friends as well as lovers.

Pisces: There could be a lot of ups and downs and plenty of instability.

How to Seduce a Gemini 

The Gemini Women: They love to talk about their ideas and feelings, which not always are the same next day.

They are usually very communicative and like to start a conversation.

The Gemini Men: O boy – they like to talk! They are intelligent, energetic and funny. In order to seduce them, be always up to date on events and the news. Whisper sexy words in his ear.

The ideal gift for Gemini

Gemini loves almost anything and everything. They love to learn new things and they need to be STIMULATED intellectually.


Gemini Gals: Find out her latest interest, like sports, or a new philosophy, for instance. Gemini loves to read, so give her a

bestseller. An iPad, a Kindle or any other kind of electronic reading device would be a welcome gift.


Gemini Guys: The newest gadget would be a great gift; anything that has just become available would do the trick. Two

roundtrip tickets to an unknown destination would be amazing. Gemini guys love to travel.