CapricornIf you’re a Capricorn and he or she is…
Aries: You are very different from each other and there’s not a lot of interest between you.

Taurus: You intuitively understand each other and can be together for life. Both signs are very stable.

Gemini: You accept each other but don’t have many similarities. You are a qualitative person and he has a quantitative nature.

Cancer: Great combination. You can help him become more focused on one thing at a time.

Leo: He will have to work really hard to captivate you. He’s attracted to your power and your bank account. Leo loves luxury and nice things.

Virgo: Excellent combination—an easygoing relationship.

Libra: He will think you are too serious for him. But if you are interested, try loosening up a bit.

Scorpio: This is an interesting mix of obsession and enthusiasm. This can work because both of you are very determined people.

Sagittarius: He can teach you how to make your life less serious. He brings plenty of fun and helps you put aside day-to-day obligations. I wonder if you can live with this long-term.

Capricorn: You both very serious and busy at work, but you get along just fine.

Aquarius: You are attracted to each other but there is little chance that it will last. Enjoy all the happiness he brings into your life as long as it last.

Pisces: You are very different. He is always dreaming and you are the eternal realist. You can irritate each other.

How to Seduce a Capricorn

The Capricorn Women: They are serious, determined and ethical. They will only have an interest in you if you are ambitious. No silly talks with her. First you need to introduce her to your parents, grandparents, and old friends. Show that you are a traditional and conservative person. They don’t like to express their affection in public, but in privacy, they are very passionate.
The Capricorn Men: They are powerful, successful and have a healthy bank account. They are usually serious, and you have to be creative in order to break the ice. For example: go to his office after hours, and do a surprising strip tease for him. Don’t forget to wear sexy lingerie.

The ideal gift for Capricorns

Capricorns appreciate simplicity and discretion. They love good things in life, they are DETERMINED, traditional and serious, silly conversation will not impress them. Both sexes like ambitious people.

Capricorn Gals: She would love anything that has passed through generations, so a pair of earrings that belonged to your grandmother would impress her. They love comfort, so any cashmere sweater, or a soft bathrobe would make her happy.

Capricorn Guys: They would love if you prepare a warm meal, a cozy dinner or if you do something in their house that was in need of getting done and surprise him with your job. Give him a conservative tie, but from a good designer or a set of traditional pieces for his office table or even a comfortable chair for his office.