cancerIf you’re a Cancer and he or she is…

Aries: He doesn’t agree with you. He’s loud and too aggressive to live with the sensible Cancer.

Taurus: Your other half! You will love to stay home together.

Gemini: You will be attracted to each other’s compelling personality, but it will be difficult to keep the relationship balanced.

Cancer: Just like Romeo and Juliet—a very romantic relationship.

Leo: Very different from you. The sex life can be strong and passionate but Leo has a very busy social life, which is not something that you like so much.

Virgo: This partnership will have a lot of balance and respect.

Libra: Irresistible! However, Libra prefers the social life and you the domestic life.

Scorpio: This is one of the most solid and sexy combinations.

Sagittarius: You are too intuitive for the analytical Sagittarius. He likes the life outside the home and you like quiet evenings at home.

Capricorn: Great combination. You can help each other achieve professional goals. The quote “behind every great man is a great woman,” describes this relationship.

Aquarius: You are very different from each other. You may find Aquarius distant and cold.

Pisces: Perfect combination—there’s plenty of sensitivity and intuition in this relationship.

How to Seduce a Cancer 

The Cancer Women: They are very protective and sensible. They are very feminine, but have difficulties opening their hearts. They are motherly. Show your fragile side and she will take good care of you.

Cancer Men: They are sensible, caring and very dedicate to the family. If he has kids, get closer to them first. Prepare a nice candle light dinner for him at your house, and don’t forget to use sexy clothes…

The ideal gift for Cancer

Cancer loves to care for the ones they love, but they appreciate too when you give them affection. They love anything that touches their feelings. They are very EMOTIONAL.

Cancer Gals: They love flowers and a little speech along when presenting your gift to her. They are impeccable housekeepers, so anything to make their house more beautiful will make them happy. They love delicate jewelry like a pearl necklace or to make her feel pampered a gift certificate for a SPA day, which will make her in haven.

Cancer Guys: They would love something you made your self, like a sweater an album with pictures of both of you or a picture in a beautiful silver frame. They love to cook, so any kitchen utensil would make them very happy.