Finding Mr Right is like finding the right BRA! And finding Miss Right is like to buying a car.

It takes a lot of patience and ‘test drive’. And even when you find it, after a certain number of washes, wearings and driving starts to fall apart, and doesn’t fit like it did when it was new. Is it right?

Relationships, too, can lose their shape and durability. Learn how to capture and seduce your partner, and what gifts he or she likes the most according to their sign.

Astrology is a very good tool to help you understand people. The sun sign can describe someone’s personality, but only a full reading of all the aspects in both charts based on an accurate date of birth really reveals something precise about this combination. Just remember that astrology only guides us, and it is up to you to make things happen.

But just as a start, let’s see how (and whether) he or her matches with your sun sign:

You’re an Aries and he or she is…

Aries: There is plenty of competition here, and the relationship could be very tense.

Taurus: He’s too stable for you. He may be irritated with your fast-paced life and abundant energy.

Gemini: Wonderful! Both of you like new experiences and have a strong zest for life.

Cancer: This is not a great match. He is very sensitive and emotive. Cancers love the family life and you love the outside world.

Leo: Incredible combination! You are made for each other; both are very passionate and impulsive.

Virgo: You’re totally different. He’s very systematic and you don’t like to get too attached.

Libra: You’re total opposites, but that could balance many things between you.

Scorpio: This can be a strong relationship, but also a little too tense. However, he might be the perfect sex partner for you.

Sagittarius: Perfect combination! You two can have lots of fun together. Most importantly, you both understand the need for freedom in a relationship.

Capricorn: You are very different. Aries is too unstable for the traditional Capricorn.

Aquarius: This person could be your other half. He can teach you how to transform your egocentric views into something more human and fraternal.

Pisces: You won’t have enough patience for his excessive sensitivity.

How to Seduce an Aries  

The Aries Women: Intelligence, determination, and independence are her strong qualities. She is very creative and enjoys experiencing new things.

The Aries Men: They are impetuous, passionate and courageous. Be tough with him because captivating and competing are part of his personality. Show him that you have lots of energy and is also very passionate.

The ideal gift for Aries

Aries love anything that is exciting and fun. They are active, they love to be FIRST and learn new things.

Don’t even think of giving them something practical.

Aries gals: Love jewelry, the bigger and more glamorous the better. Electronics of all types, like an iPhone, iPod or a new computer. She loves sports, so based on her sports preference give her a fitness outfit.

 Aries guys: They would love the latest fragrances and they love to get sexy lingerie. Aries Guys: Will be so happy to get tickets to a sporting event or some fresh new gear for the sport he practices. The newest gadgets, the latest video game or a G.P.S. unit would fit the bill as well. He would love a wild sex performance from you! Maybe an amazing lap dance?