Find out your signature style and how to dress for your sign in the descriptions below.

Aries 03/21 – 04/19

You Aries girls are fiery and exciting. You love anything fun and colorful. You are athletic and love to play, so shoes for you have to be dazzling but easy to remove. Make sure your shoes match your trendy outfit.

Fashion for you:

You are not at all shy, but very decisive, independent, impulsive and spontaneous. Never in the feminine side, but very sexy. Mars, it’s your ruler, the planet of action, persuading you to be ready to roll up your sleeves and jump right in. Clothes should be sporting, Your colors are, hot, bright and radiant. Like yellow, green, red and orange.

Taurus 04/20 – 05/20

You Taurus girls are sensuous and practical. You love luxury and fine things. Don’t waste your time at sales, you like the expensive items. Your shoes have to be comfortable and of good quality. Your shoes have to match your cashmere sweaters and touchable fabrics dress.

Fashion for you:

More then any other sign, knows how to combine the lush and sensual. Your ruling planet, Venus, puts you right there in the sensual traits. You hate uncomfortable clothing that doesn’t allow you to relax. Your scene of choice is in a velvet chair next to a box of chocolate and a glass of fine wine. You Love opulent atmosphere and leisurely dinners, and a companion of course. Your style is luxurious and comfortable. Colors, are earthy and discreet, like black, brown, beige, blue and burgundy.

Gemini 05/21 – 06/21

You Gemini girls love most everything; the only problem is in deciding which one you want to take. Your mind is busy with several ideas at the same time. Your shoes should be busy as well and out of the ordinary matching with the latest trends of the season.

Fashion for you:

You are not big in discipline, and will be working on several things simultaneously, so your clothes should be mutable, and in the safest way. You can change your plans several times, as well as your clothes… You love novelty and you the most influenced sign for any new trend in the block, but also the friendliest and charismatic of all. Your colors? The ones in fashion.

Cancer 06/22 – 07/22

You Cancer girls love to be cozy and homey. You are sentimental and conservative. You love to cook so your shoes should be comfortable enough so you can cook for your guess and still look sexy in high heels. How about a pair of shoes that are discreet and match your sexy décolleté?

Fashion for you:

Home is where you retreat and where you recharge and take over. You are likely to be late, but not because you are fixing your lipstick, but because you don’t like the way that chair was placed in the corner of the living room, and you spend 30 minutes trying to figure out a more appropriate corner for the chair. The moon is your ruler, and your mood swings from one degree to another, your clothes should be cozy and light, with a touch of Class, so you can go to the park with the baby and still catch your friends for lunch. Colors are light. For example-beige, white, grays and pastels.

Leo 07/23 – 08/22

You Leo girls don’t care if you are in a crowded restaurant, or on the big screen at the stadium; as long as you are the center of attention, you’re happy. In order to be the first one to be noticed at a party, you can’t wear anything but a stand out pair of shoes to match your exuberant personality.

Fashion for you:

Everything about you is so exuberant, magnificent, and fabulous, dear lion. You can run your own show! You are in your best, when the spotlights makes you the center of attention. You are ruled by the Sun, so you always manage to stand where the lights are most flattering. Gold is your favorite color, even a little black dress, should be disturbing and opulent, to fit you.

Virgo 08/23 – 09/22

You Virgo girls, while all the other signs may overlook a perfect finish, a masterpiece are your priority. You appreciate a good quality pair of shoes. You are practical and black is the best choice for you because it will match your black and white outfits.

Fashion for you:

There’s something modest and pure about you Virgo girl. Mercury, your ruler, accentuates this cautious air around you. You prefer clean, neat and perfect well suited clothes. You always have a perfect manicure and your hair is always in place, even if its an extravagant mess, we know you planned it that way. You don’t allow for chance when it comes to appearance. You love labels! The expensive ones. Colors, should be well mixed and trendy.

Libra 09/23 – 10/22

You Libra girls are sensual and charming, you love beauty and comfort. You are always seeking the perfect balance and harmony, but when it comes to your looks, sensuality is your priority.  Who cares about balance when you have the right pair of high heels?
Your shoes should match your sensuality, dressed or undressed.

Fashion for you:

Ruled by the planet Venus, you are the most charming of all the signs and this is not something cultivated, you were born this way. You love beauty, harmony and can’t bear to be alone. Your clothes are always in the snug and sexy side. You are the “diva” of the zodiac. While others signs might bring soup and hot tea to a friend who’s heart is broken your idea of healing involves smooth music, scented candles and a facial. Pink is your color, white and pastels.

Scorpio 10/23 – 11/21

You Scorpio girls, your mystery and powerful personality can only match with sexy shoes. You know how to make an entrance and get all the guys in the room dying to make love to you. You can get away with lacy stockings and garter belts and a powerful pair of shoes.


Fashion for you:

You can be summed up in one word: INTENSE Your ruler Pluto gives you a powerful 6th sense, that allows you to see us through and through. Astrology books, says you are vindictive, I think you rise above most injury with naughty majesty, and you let Karma do it’s thing. But no other sign can compete with your tantrum. Black makes you even more intense and deeeeeep.

Sagittarius 11/22 – 12/21

You Sagittarius girls, who love adventure and are not tied down by monotony and drudgery, can wear nothing but a colorful pair of shoes that will match with you eccentric taste and the love for colors. And most of all, a pair of shoes you can remove quickly if something happens… You are always in the mood for adventures

Fashion for you:

Anything with a little risk and adventure, charms you. Fashion for you is sleek clingy and no frills silhouettes. You are more inclined to go cycling them shopping, unless is a new pair of riding boots. But your ruler Jupiter will be in the sign of Lion, in 2014 so you will be exuberant and fabulous this year. You like all colors, all trends and all styles, but try to use them separated, one at a time, please….

Capricorn 12/22 – 01/19

You Capricorn girls appreciate simplicity and tradition. You are the girl who knows all the thrifty stores in the city. You love more what is in your grandma’s wardrobe than what is in the windows of the stores. Your style is vintage, to match your favorite beige suite.

Fashion for you:

No other sign can cross her legs with greater poise then you Capricorn girl. Your clothing are deceptively conservative. But nobody interprets body language more precisely than you. You can were the most traditional garb in such a way, that’s stylish and provocative. You might not have a low neckline, but an unbuttoned little black suit, that could distract an entire room all evening. The plaids, camel hair and cashmere are for you, colors are, earthy, blacks and browns.

Aquarius 01/20 – 02/18

You Aquarius girls, who have an affinity for the unusual and love to shock with your ideas and behavior, will look amazing in a pair of shoes that are unique and worn by very few women. When choosing a pair of shoes think “unique” and out of the ordinary to match your innovative wardrobe.

Fashion for you:

Your ruler Uranus, gives you a “way of shocking people” without even trying, and you hate being told what to do. Your colors are cobalt, electric blues, and the colors that nobody would dare to wear. You are totally unimpressed by traditional and if everybody is wearing gray you might choose fuchsia just to be contrary.

Pisces 02/19 – 03/20

You Pisces girls are sensitive and spiritual. You care less about fashion and would probably spend the money you save to buy new clothes on charity instead. You have a love for transparency and anything artistic, even if is not in fashion…But because Pisces rules the feet, when comes to shoes you’re out of your mind. There’s nothing like a transparent look to match your beautiful soul.

Fashion for you:

You are the most sensitive, and darling of all signs, dear Pisces. But fashion … well, some of your sign, doesn’t know the difference between Helmut Lang and Stephen Hawking. Your world is all about spirituality and charity. You are the sign most likely to have pen pals in prison, and most likely to burst in tears for a sad story or an old movie. You are the consummate actress and you can identify with just about everyone, but when it comes to fashion, well…. You like all designers…