What to expect from your Karmic destiny Report

From Sandra Alvim’s book ‘The power of our soul’s Purpose’

Before you are born your soul has a purpose to accomplish in this life time.

Believe it or not you have lived other lives before this one, and in those lives you have learned a great deal. Each time you experienced difficulties in any area of your life, you were tested to see if you were learning the lessons that help you to evolve.  You were tested to see if you were tapping into those experiences.

Some believe that the lunar nodes represent memories of ancestors stored in our DNA that need to be processed so we can make the most of our personality.

“My experience as an astrologer, for more than 15 years has show me that when an individual start to follow and balance the nodes of moon; old behavior patters disappear and their life become free of most struggles and challengers”

The success to finding your balance will depend on your honesty – and why not? In the courage to admit we have a lot to learn. Each individual has his or her own internal growth pace and it is presented in different evolutionary stages. From this premise, look initially, to understand what drives you to act a certain way and how to retune your personality in order to balance your attitudes and choices.

For you to better understand, the Destiny Report is divided into these sections.


The first part presents the characteristics of the South Node – the qualities already learned by our soul, and it also points out our excesses and our baggage in terms of attitudes and behaviors.  In short, it presents the risk we run when we use negatively or in excess these patterns of behavior, which will delay the spiritual evolution for each one of us.

Our soul chooses our parents, based on the different lessons we need to learn. It is the family that will help or hinder our relationship with the world. Our childhood is when we experience our first frustrations and challenges, because our parents are not aware of their children’s soul purpose. Therefore, by better understanding your child from a spiritual perspective, you can help him to develop his personality according to his individuality

This section describes what professions best fit the goals related to the South Node. It shows the talents developed and learned, since the profession is an active part of one’s personality. It also explains the origin of some habits or behaviors that recklessly cause us to act a certain way.  For example, someone who was a famous actor in another life could certainly be yearning for the same attention that he enjoyed when he was a popular figure, wanting to draw people’s attention in some way to get that sense of importance. The moment he realizes that popularity was important in another life, and that’s why he’s been working so hard to be the center of attention in this present life, he can then free himself from these past patterns which is a subconscious tendency, and be able to live according to his current life, in harmony with his current profession.

This section presents the most diverse talents that are compatible to your current growth process, the hidden talents that when emerged will immediately assist in bridging the shortest path effectively towards the North Node.

We all want abundance, recognition and respect. Seeking a career that is compatible with our spiritual goal, we can attract more positive energy and satisfaction to our life and, consequently, enjoy professional and financial success.

Behavioral patterns relating to the South Node are described, along with what changes should be made to attract more harmony and success in our relationships. It shows, furthermore, the types of people we attract to our lives and why.
In this part you will understand why you experience so many disappointments in love, or the reason you have not truly fallen in love with someone and then, with that understanding, you can make the proper changes to improve the quality of your intimate relationships.

This section shows us that the points that present the greatest resistance are precisely those that most need to be changed. We also learn to differentiate what the ego wants most, based on behavioral patterns of past lives, with what we need to build on to meet the growth and evolution of our soul.


Floral essences are extracts of flowers and plants that help to elevate our vibration, our natural self; they open our channels to our spiritual self, guiding us to a closer relationship with our soul.
If we use floral essences, we can accelerate the discovery of our spiritual goals and move toward the balance of the North and South Nodes.

For curiosity sake, and to observe as an example,  how their lives unfolds positively or negatively, and why some celebrities have so much problems and others are content and in harmony.






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