Karmic Destiny Report

From the book ‘The Power of Our Soul’s Purpose’
By Sandra Alvim

With this tool, you can go beneath your surface.  You can tap into your strengths and weaknesses, and discover what to avoid, and what to overcome.

Because we live on a physical plane, we all want abundance, success and recognition.  Yes, these material acquisitions can make our lives more joyful and interesting. However, our biggest commitment is to our spiritual evolution; at least this should be our highest priority.

The irony of the universe takes place at the exact moment when we begin to set in motion our spiritual evolution.  It may be hard for you to believe it now, but at the same time those spiritual wheels begin to turn our desires in the material world start to become a reality.  As a result, your life becomes more abundant in all areas.
The full enlightenment of our soul must be our goal; although this search will last for many lifetimes, it is important to never lose our way. Our soul is wiser than we think, and each of us, at some point in our lives, discovers our goals. This report provides the information needed to accelerate this discovery. Remember, it is never too late to be happy.  It is never too late to start your life’s “Second Act”.

It’s up to you to grow and evolve.  Without taking advantage of the great opportunity that the universe offers from the moon’s nodes, you run the risk of remaining stagnate for the remainder of your existence. But if you choose to see the signs and tap into what the universe has to offer you, you can attract success in every field of that existence.

This detailed report is based on the birth data you supplied. Designed by Sandra Alvim personally, with all of the sensitivity and caring that she is known for, these customized pages provide deep insight into your own Karmic life lessons and the opportunities you will have to make very real progress towards happiness and fulfillment.
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