Astrological CHART READING

by Sandra Alvim


I am available for phone, face time or Skype consultations and in-person consultations in New York City or in Brazil where I travel twice a year. As a subscriber you will be informed about my schedule.

I record the consultation with a digital recorder, and email you the mp3 file, which you can easily download onto your computer or mobile phone. You can also have a recorded CD as an option.

Here are your options:

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    Natal Chart Reading

    This unique, one-of-a-kind personality profile is delineated based on the day, month, year, exact time (very important) and place of birth. A natal chart reveals among other things, your family matrix, career/life direction, relationship possibilities, talents, health, financial profile, your challenges, and the growth and transformation of your soul. Using this map as a guide, you can learn about yourself in a way you never thought possible. My analysis of a natal chart reading has a unique characteristic. I identify what your soul longs for and what it needs to release. We all have a starting point at the beginning of each incarnation, which is based on what has gone before.  We also have an agenda of what we want to explore in our experience for this lifetime. My approach in astrology takes this starting point as an important tool to understand your soul’s purpose. My fee for a natal chart reading is: $800.00 dollars.
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    Medical Astrology

    Your astrological chart describes your unique constitutional makeup. From this, I can identify health issues you are most susceptible to, and I can offer recommendations of what you can do to regain and maintain your optimal well-being and weight range. Astrology has been used for medical purposes since the time of the Chaldean priest-physicians of 2000-1000 BC, and was used by those who founded and inspired our modern medicine of today. Hippocrates (460-377 BC) is considered to be the father of modern medicine. He has been quoted as saying that a physician without knowledge of astrology had better “call himself a fool rather than a physician.” Nicholas Culpepper, the famous herbalist who laid the foundations for herbal medicine, stated that treatment without the use of astrology is like “a lamp without oil.” My Fee for medical astrology reading is: $400.00 (It’s advised to have the natal chart reading combined to add more information to this feature. For both natal chart and medical astrology reading my fee is: $ 1000.00).
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    Forecast (Transits, Progressions and Solar Returns)

    This consultation covers yearly trends month by month. You will find the favorable planetary cycles to better plan your yearly events and activities, e.g., like the opening of a new business, the right time to look for a job or to leave of one, the optimal time to buy a property, get married and every other event you have in mind. The forecast reading also focuses on awareness of your moments and how to psychologically deal with them. We are the creators of our lives. Events don’t happen to us. We attract what is in sync with our inner world. You make choices and those choices will determine the out coming of the events. It’s the law of cause and effect! The forecast (transits, progressions and solar return) will show WHEN these effects will take place, and a change in behavior sometimes can minimize or even eliminate those effects. My fee for a year forecast* is: $400.00 dollars *This feature only applies to those who have already had a Natal chart reading with me.
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    Relationship Interactive Charts

    This technique explores the inner dynamics of relationships. It explores the complex, mental, emotional & physical interplay between two people. By comparing the planets, signs, and aspects between natal charts the potential strengths and liabilities reveal themselves. The combination of the two natal charts creates a single new chart, and this third chart reveals how well you relate together and what areas need work. It’s an excellent tool for insight into marriage, child/parent relationships, and sibling & business relationships. Understanding the ‘sensitive’ side of the relationship can help the two parts to redirect this energy. My fee for a compatibility reading is: $800.00 dollars.

You have to turn up the volume on the best qualities you were born with. You have FREE WILL to choose from the tendencies you were born with; which ones enhance and which ones you should redirect. Every decision you make in your life will generate a result. We are the only ones responsible for our happiness or our misery. You don’t have to change yourself in order to become your most successful self, but you NEED to become more of who you are by redirect the qualities that are not helping you to succeed.

Astrologers are meant to help their clients to enhance they’re free will. We give you THE POWER TO CHOOSE!


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