Where Astrology & Nutrition Meet

Welcome! I’m Sandra Alvim. My goal is to give you tools that you can immediately use to improve your life in every possible way and step into your greatness.


I’m a holistic health counselor, a graduate from IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition) the most prestigious nutrition institute in the USA. I’ve been an astrologer for 18 years now with a large clientele.


I’m 63 years old, (born in 1951) I’m living proof that you can age gracefully and enjoy amazing health.


Yes… I have two passions: Astrology and Nutrition.

At some point of my life I thought I had to choose one of them, but in stead I created a ‘unique method’ combining both, to help (mainly) women to identify ‘who they are’ to successfully kick off life’s ‘oops’ like menopause, wight gain and health deficiencies, to clarify confusion about nutrition and with love and kindness help them to outgrow hurtful  moments like divorce, relationship issues, and lack of self love.

I have written two books, ‘The Power of Your Soul’s Purpose, and ‘Yes I’m 58.’

I was born and raised in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, based out of Manhattan. I came to the United States 27 years ago with a specific dream… to fly high! I didn’t know then exactly what fly high really meant, but now I know and I want to pass it on to you.


Balance is the key to success. I love to help people find solutions to problems they encounter in their lives and see their GENIUS, their BEAUTY and POWER flourish.

My mission is to teach people who want to optimize their physical, mental and spiritual health. Those who want to lose or gain weight, who have been trying miracle diets without results, who is confusing about nutrition, who want to discover their potential and inner beauty and who want to heal emotional and psychological scars.

I will share my own experiences – and my mistakes too; my success secrets and even my moment of decadence when I reached menopause and how I changed my attitude and reinvented myself.

My commitment is to empower you, so that my own learning process can be a useful tool for you too.

Sandra Alvim


Your emotional, spiritual and physical body are always seeking BALANCE. This is the tripod that is the sustainability of the well being: body, mind and soul. If one ‘leg’ is unleveled… the tripod can’t stay up. In order to keep this tripod upright you need to follow this segment:



Who are you?  The natal chart, as we call it in astrology, is a blueprint that identifies your gifts, talents and deep-rooted patterns. It also reveals the keys to fulfilling your creative potential and your present life evolution. 


Turn up the volume! You have to turn up the volume on the best qualities you were born with. You have FREE WILL to choose from the tendencies you were born with; which ones enhance and which ones you should redirect. Every decision you make in your life will generate a result.

We are the only ones responsible for our happiness or our misery.

You don’t have to change yourself in order to become your most successful self, but you NEED to become more of who you are by redirect the qualities that are not helping you to succeed.

Astrologers are meant to help their clients to enhance they’re free will. We give you THE POWER TO CHOOSE!


Kick butt! Your physical body is the bridge between matter and the divine. A sick body can’t reach a spiritual evolution and vice-verso.


Physical: Be Healthy! Eat right! If you have a weight problem for instance, (if you would like to lose or gain weight) together we will find the most suitable, personalized nutritional system, not a diet, but a lifestyle that will help you stop the insanity of yo-yo dieting to maintain your optimal weight and health. I will help you to acknowledge what emotional imbalance pushes you to crave or to overeat. 

Spiritual: I can advise what ‘action’ you should take in order to follow your soul’s purpose offering a coaching program that will combine physical and spiritual transformation; a holistic health counseling program.

I found my purpose on this planet, which is to give you back to yourself, and to help you to discover the magical importance of working on yourself as a whole: From butt to soul… and everything in between.

Find out more about the tools that you can immediately use to improve your life in every possible way and step into your greatness.

All my love, Sandra Alvim

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